Monday, May 14, 2018

What the Kids Say About Their Oma

After having done a few years of Mother's Day posts with Carter, last year I decided it would be fun to add his grandmas into the mix. Read what Carter said about his Oma last year here. This year Elise was able to answer questions too. With this one I also asked them on totally different days without the other one being in the room. It amazed me that again some of their answers were similar. Here are their answers in 2018 at almost 5.5 years old (Carter) and just over 3 years old (Elise).

What is something Oma always says to you?
Carter: Here's Hayden!
Elise: She says, "Go in the pictures."

What makes Oma happy?
Carter: She likes to feel our weight. It makes her happy because she says, "I'm so happy you are getting so big!" She can carry Elise but she can't carry me anymore because I'm so big, I'm too heavy.
Elise: Yogurt

What makes Oma sad?
Carter: When I scrape my skin off. 
Elise: How'd she gets sad? From me?

How does Oma make you laugh?
Carter: When she catches me.
Elise: Like this (then she tickled herself and me).

What was Oma like as a child?
Carter: That she read a lot of books because she has glasses on. She used to wear them sometimes to read and now she wears them all the time because she can't see very well. She sees blurry.
Elise: Like 9, 6, 7, 8

How old is Oma?
Carter: I want to grow up just as big.
Elise: 6

How tall is Oma?
Carter: 7
Elise: 7

What is Oma's favorite thing to do?
Carter: To play with me in the tree. She doesn't get in the tree with me but she plays games with me in the tree.
Elise: Play with me when I a monster and say, RAR!

What does Oma do when you're not around?
Carter: She works on homework.
Elise: Play with Opa.

If Oma becomes famous, what will it be for?
Carter: That Opa works so hard so she could buy stuff.
Elise: For Elise

What is Oma really good at?
Carter: Praying to God all the time.
Elise: The dinosaur movie.

What is Oma not very good at?
Carter: Catching me from the tree.
Elise: The movie

What does Oma do for a job?
Carter: I don't think she will want a job but I will think one. She would be a shopping lady. She would earn a shopping thing.
Elise: Don't know

What is Oma's favorite food?
Carter: Tea is her favorite drink and sandwich is her favorite food.
Elise: Me

What makes you proud of Oma?
Carter: That we found a star. I do have my favorite star.  
Elise: Go to tickle me. 

If Oma were a character who would she be?
Carter: The squid in Squidland. He's really nice and all the animals try to catch him in the sea. She fights animals in the sea.
Elise: Elise

What do you and Oma do together?
Carter: We play with Play Doh. 
Elise: Play with her.

How are you and Oma the same?
Carter: We both like to play Play Doh.
Elise: We like you.

How are you and Oma different?
Carter: She's not by me. We have to do that when she's here because I can't look at her to see. I don't wear glasses.
Elise: I have blue on my head.

How do you know Oma loves you?
Carter: She tickles me.
Elise: With my mom, she plays with me and my Carter.

What does Oma like most about Opa?
Carter: She likes to talk to him.
Elise: She lays on him.

Where is Oma's favorite place to go?
Carter: She likes to go to races.
Elise: To casino

How old was Oma when you were born?
Carter: 6
Elise: In my tummy.


  1. Elise saying the casino actually made me laugh out loud!

  2. Dad loved the "casino" answer and Carter's response to why I'd be famous.

    1. I don’t think he understands what famous means. All his answers to that were interesting.

  3. I laughed so hard she got upset and thought it was a wrong answer. I told her I laughed because it was so good.

  4. Going to the casino got my tickle bone. They sure know their Oma! Gma