Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Little cutie wearing her flamingo shirt.
Super excited to wear her new rain coat from Oma and Opa.
The talked me into special suckers at the store.

We went to watch the Maypole celebration at our friend, Kyra's school. Elise loved getting to sit with her and the "big kids".
I'm amazed I can go get her from her nap, carry her out to the car, buckle her into her seat, and she stays asleep until we pick Carter up!
Carter fell at the football field and scraped his face on a wooden bench.

Elise doing the obstacle course at the Get Busy Livin 5k.

Hiking with Oma.

Elise was napping when we left and I came back to the sweetest sight.

Thomas can't lay down without having at least one child lay on him!

Elise still treats Garo like a baby.

Elise with Garo back in September and now in May.

Carter's cleat fell apart at soccer practice.
Elise's first dentist appointment sitting in a regular chair.

Looking at the worms before fishing.
Eating a picnic lunch at the Keystone State Park kids' fishing pond.

Elise caught a fish!
Carter wanted to release the fish after I took it off the hook.
Carter caught a fish.
They wanted to rest on this rock so I used it as a photo op.
The kids resting together.
Playing with Ty's cousin's son, Ethan, and a neighbor friend.
The kids played leap frog with Ty's Aunt Brenda.

Playing an obstacle course with the kids in Aunt Brenda's yard.
Carter wanted to fish some more in our swimming pool in the backyard.


  1. That first picture was something else. :) The dental pictures were good. It looked like Elise did well. They didn't have any HIPPA divisions between the cubicles. I love Wordless Wednesday.

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure how they work that but we've never been seated in the same section as patients we weren't related to. They have divisions between rooms so maybe just seat siblings in the same room.