Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Mother's Day Tea

Last year I enjoyed the Mother's Day Tea at Carter's school so much! It was just so precious to watch him up front singing with his class. Check out last year's post here. This year was just as wonderful! I dropped Elise off at my friend's house so she could play with her bestie, Charlee, and I could enjoy watching Carter sing with no interruptions. The program goes in age order and Carter is in the oldest preschool class so his class was last. They have a different music teacher this year and she did things a little differently than last year. She had each class sing 2 songs instead of 3 and they sang without music. I liked that because I felt like it was easier to hear the kids without the music in the background. The songs were much shorter which made it easier to wait for Carter's turn to sing. Jake's class sang a few classes before Carter's and it was so funny when he saw me because he got a panicked look on his face like I was there instead of his mom but then got super excited when he saw his mom! I happened to get pictures of Carter right when he walked in the door and saw me. I just held my phone and took pictures while looking at him and waving so it was cute to look at the pictures later. He just lit up when he saw me.
Carter ready to sing.
I recognized the first song they sang because Carter really likes it and sang it for everyone this weekend. I felt a little badly that he'd fallen this weekend and scratched up his face right before the Mother's Day Tea so he was standing in front of everyone looking all banged up! This year Carter sang nice and loud and knew all the words so I could actually pick out his voice as he sang. When they sang their 2nd song I realized that's how he learned how to spell I love you. He has been so proud that he can spell it and will spell it out for me which is sweet.

When Carter was finished singing he got to come sit with me to watch a slideshow of pictures of the students. He was so sweet, sitting on my lap and telling me the names of all the kids he knew in the pictures. He got to pick out some treats to eat and decided on a chocolate chip muffin and a little mini-cinnamon roll. I had eaten a pastry and a mini cinnamon roll as I waited for the kids to sing. They also had a grape juice punch which we both enjoyed. When the slideshow was over Carter wanted to take me out to the table where the presents were so I could see what he made me. They had bath bombs, a loofa, and a flower they had made. Carter made me a turquoise flower. I love that he remembers my favorite color! It was such a wonderful event and I enjoyed it so much!