Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Elise had to try out her new raincoat from Oma and Opa.

Carter enjoyed the pet show at school.
Carter picked out an awesome get up for our hike!

Riding the train at the zoo.

Found the flamingos for Opa!
Watching the sea lions.
We got to see the penguins swimming!
About the same height as an Emperor Penguin!
Elise loved the carousel at the zoo!

Team chat before the soccer game.

Carter saw pictures of Elise at the zoo so he wanted to go on Monday!

Carter talked about riding a dolphin the whole time and then picked a penguin when we got there.

Ready to ride the train.
More flamingos for Opa!
Watching for the penguins.

Jake pretending to be hurt by the horn.

Elise giving Skippy night night hugs and kisses.
Elise convinced me to buy her a hat at Target.

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Drawing with sidewalk chalk during Carter's soccer practice.
Cleaning all our drawing off the ground with a baby wipe. I'd like to know what goes through her mind!
Wearing their Dr. Seuss shirts!

Carter getting his hearing checked at the ENT.
Carter let Elise sit in the chair with him.


  1. I noticed in Elise's hat picture her shoes were on the wrong feet. Very cute pictures!! Skippy was earning his food!

    1. I didn't notice they were on the wrong feet until I looked at that picture, haha!