Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Yoga with my little yogis!
Elise is a bit confused on how to use mascara.
Carter's class had a pizza party with a giant pizza!
Celebrating Ty's 32nd birthday!!!!

Carter using his new thumbprint book we got him as a preschool graduation present.
Elise was grumpy and refused to get out of the car.
Playing in the play house at Sam's Club.

Elise giving Skippy hugs.
Elise playing in her special book she bought with her allowance money.
Uncie Taco came to see us at the splash pad.

Elise standing on the sideline with Carter at a soccer game.
Carter's last soccer game.
Enjoying Kids to Parks Day.

Carter played on my phone and then I found this saved in my photos.
I made an orange sponge cake from Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Elise was excited to try it!

Ty with his sweet, little helper.

Elise and her buddy at a friend birthday party.

Playing on the computers after Carter's surgery.
We've had lots of rest time the last few days.
Lunch on the couch.
Carter had a friend drop off a basket of fun stuff for him and he enjoyed painting this piggy bank.
Oma got Carter some Legos so Elise wanted to do Legos too.
Opa held Elise's ears while I ran the blender to make Carter a smoothie.
Carter met a friend for ice cream 2 days after surgery. He was super worn out afterward!
His friend showed him a photo book he got at school.


  1. The drawings you found on your phone were something else. Smart boy! And Elise is fast!!

    1. I was a fun surprise to come across his drawings when looking at my pictures!