Monday, May 21, 2018

Carter's Last Day of School

Carter's last day of preschool was Friday. I'm so excited to have him home for the summer with me but I'm also sad he will be moving on next year and will no longer be going to Jenks First Baptist! We've had such a wonderful experience there and I know many of the teachers. It would also be so nice to have Carter and Elise together at the same school! I know he will love kindergarten, I just can't believe he's old enough to go. He sure has grown and learned so much this year! The difference between the beginning and end of the year this year isn't as striking as it was last year but he still looks so much more grown up than he did at the beginning of the year. See his first day of school pictures here. He has really thinned out and gotten taller this year and is looking more and more grown up! Read about Carter's last day of school last year here.

Carter's Last Day of School Interview 


  • My School Is: Jenks First Baptist Community Preschool (Carter calls it "Jenks First Baptist")
  • My Teachers Are: Ms. Christy and Ms. Anna
  • My Class Is: Pre-K 3
  • My Best Friends: Jack, Addy, Evan, and James 
  • My Last Day of School Is: May 18, 2018
  • Height: 44 inches
  • Shoe Size: 12 or 13, depending on brand 
  • Weight: 40.3 pounds
  • I Enjoyed Learning About: My favorite thing to learn about was Noah and the Whale.  
  • When I Grow Up I Want to Be: A dad police officer
  • I'm Really Good At: Climbing
  • I Want to Get Better At: Gripping stuff, to grip to stuff like the monkey bars.
  • Next Year I Want to Learn: Spanish
  • My Favorite Part of Preschool Was: Playing at recess.
  • My Favorite Thing About Myself Is: That I am not a liar, I tell the truth.

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