Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What Carter Says About His Gma

For the past few years I've been asking Carter questions about me for Mother's Day. Now that he's older it doesn't take him as long to answer the questions. I thought it would be fun to add his grandmas in this year so I asked him questions about his Oma and Gma for Mother's Day this year. This is what Carter says about his Gma in 2017 at almost 4.5 years old:

What is something Gma always says to you?
What the lord your God.

What makes your Gma happy?
By giving her hugs and kisses.

What makes your Gma sad?
Breaking her pretties.

How does your Gma make you laugh?
By funny jokes.

What was your Gma like as a child?
Gma as a child bited things and played with her buddies and did all baby stuff and good stuff.

How old is your Gma?

How tall is your Gma?
She's tall as a giraffe.

What is your Gma's favorite thing to do?
To jump on trampolines and watching me. I think she'll have a new toy at her house.

What does your Gma do when you're not around?
She plays with Gpa.

If your Gma becomes famous, what will it be for?
Cause she will be a stager, talk in a phone like this where it echoes.

What is your Gma really good at?
Playing hide and seek

What is your Gma not very good at?
Finding daddy because he has super tricks.

What does your Gma do for a job?
She makes stuff.

What is your Gma's favorite food?

What makes you proud of your Gma?
By telling me stories.

If your Gma were a character who would she be?
She would be Thomas the Train cause she will be a train that can work really hard.

What do you and your Gma do together?
We hug and kiss each other and I make Gma proud of me.

How are you and your Gma the same?
Cause we both have white skin.

How are you and your Gma different?
Because we don't have the same size.

How do you know your Gma loves you?
Cause she's a girl and I'm a boy and girls love people.

What does your Gma like most about your Gpa?
Carter wanted to answer what Gma likes most about him instead: That I hug and kiss her every day.

Where is your Gma's favorite place to go?
To our house.

How old was your Gma when you were born?
She was a 1 and a 0, so she was 10.


  1. These are hilarious! Leina is taller than me I guess, and a giraffe is taller than a bus. :)

    1. Wait till you read what he said about how tall I am, haha!

  2. The first one cracks me up, I am assuming it is me saying prayers with him!?!
    Carter is spot on with the favorite food of pasta. Love that little boy and his sister too! Gma

    1. I know, I was cracking up when he said it! Ty was impressed that Carter said pasta was your favorite food.