Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

I was doing a photoshoot for Elise's update and Carter started hamming it up.
He put on sunglasses to look extra handsome.
Then he found a toy phone from Gma to look cool.
I eventually convinced Elise to participate by bribing her with fruit snacks.
Elise decided she needed to wear her dressy shoes with this outfit, haha!
Elise wanted to push the stroller, one benefit of an adjustable handle bar.
Ty's 31st birthday!
Putting on temporary tattoos that Gma and Gpa sent in Ty's birthday card.
Elise's favorite right now is sitting on the big toilet instead of her potty chair.
Carter wanted to go to the place where you try to kill animals and they have sheets to color, it took me a bit but I figured out he meant Bass Pro.
Ready to drive to Oma and Opa's house with their dinner.
Joplin Memorial Marathon relay hand off from me to Jeremy.
Jeremy taking off on his leg of the Joplin Memorial Marathon Relay.
Elise will some day wonder why I let her leave the house dressed like this, haha!
Carter tried to keep Elise awake in the car, he failed.
Carter and his friend were cheersing with their party hats.
Carter was singing with her, it was so cute!
Meeting Llama Llama at a Talking is Teaching event.
Elise ready to watch a magic show at the library.
Carter loved the show and got a picture with the magician afterward.

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