Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Funny Stuff the Kids Say


Skippy was walking up and down the hall meowing at naptime.
"Skippy, I'm glad to see you but be quiet! Skippy, I don't want to hear you anymore! I'm trying to sleep. Skippy, if you don't stop, I'm getting rid of you!"

"There are places named after me, Erin, and Chandler. There's Chandler Park, Carter's store, and the Erin Space Museum." meaning the Air and Space Museum

"I put it on top of the yoga thing you roll on." meaning my foam roller.

"Elise you don't want to put your fingers so close to your eyes. You could lose your vision and never see again!"

"I want to be a dad pirate when I grow up so I can have a map."

Carter: Jake do you love Cheesus? Cheesus loves you.
Jake: I LOVE Cheez Its!
Carter: No, Cheesus, he died for you so you could live.
Jake: Mmmm, Cheez Its are yummy!
They never did get on the same page even after a long conversation.

"Elise I am hitting my limit!" One night when we were picking up the house and Elise kept playing and not helping.

One day I went to get Carter out of his room when his quiet time was over. I think I scared him a bit because he jumped.
Carter: Don't interrupt me! in a very angry voice
Me: I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were busy.
Carter: I'm sorry for talking mean. I got angry and forgot to talk nice.

Carter quietly reading at his desk before I interrupted him.
We were playing PJ Masks. Carter was Gekko, I was Owlette, and Elise was Luna Girl.
Carter: We have to stop Luna Girl and get her luna magnet.
Me: Okay, let's go get it from her.
Carter: No, watch this.
Carter runs up behind Elise and yells "Boo!" She drops the toy she was holding and takes off running.

Carter: Harper wants to see her owners. She was crying at the front door.
Me: Who?
Carter: Her owners, that's my dad and my sister. They were outside in the front yard.

I was making dinner and Carter said he wanted to help. He got out a butter knife and when I looked over he was sharpening it like Ty does every time he uses a knife.
Sharpening a butter knife.


Pours out all her bubble mixture onto the ground.
Elise: Sorry!
Short pause
Elise: I forgive you!

She kept tooting while I was rocking her before naptime, alone in her room.
Me: Elise did you poop or just toot?
Elise: No, Carty tootied!

Me: What's your name?
Elise: Cartyleese

Anytime Elise can't get a door open she yells, "Let go!" like she thinks someone's holding the door closed on the other side. 

Me: Who's my little baby? Leesey Kaydles!
Elise: No, Wydee (meaning Wyatt, her cousin) baby. Leesey no baby!

She's been singing Happy Birthday a lot and then she'll lean forward at the end of the song and blow out a pretend candle. One day she was singing to Carter and when she blew out the pretend candle he said, "Hey, that was my candle to blow out!"


Just because I think it's so cute and want to remember it, Jake pronounces my name Awifawif. It's so cute!