Friday, May 26, 2017

A Day in Our Lives

I totally forgot about this post until I was going back through looking for a different draft. I did this the last week of school.

Maybe I got a little cocky when I did a Day in Our Lives post on May 11th and the day went off without a hitch.  But I went ahead and decided to do another Day in Our Lives post the following Tuesday, May 16th, to show a day where Carter went to school and I didn't have plans with Elise during that time. I guess I'd kind of filed away in the back of my head that things normally go awry on the days I end up doing these posts. I don't know why that happens, I guess my kids don't like me documenting an ordinary day, they want it to stand out in some way or another. So following suit with what happens more often than not, our day ended up being totally off-schedule and not at all a typical day once we hit naptime. The morning is a good example of what a day is like for us though, so there's that.

6:00 am- I hear Elise wake up. Before I even start to think about getting out of bed, Ty is up and I immediately fall back to sleep. I am so thankful because I'm really tired and today is a day I can sleep in since I will be running with Elise while Carter is at school. At 7:10 I finally roll out of bed. I brush my teeth first thing and Elise wants to brush her teeth with me. Ty kisses me goodbye as he leaves for work and then I start a load of laundry. Carter is so excited, telling me daddy left me a surprise in the oven and there's even a note on it. We rush into the kitchen to find a dozen doughnuts and a sweet note hidden away for me. Yesterday was probably the worst day I've ever had as a stay at home mom. Carter ended up peeing on Elise for absolutely no reason (other than that he could) while she was standing in her room, to give you a little glimpse into my day. At the end of the day I told Ty the day was a Doughnut Day. When he asked me what I meant, I said that I needed to eat a doughnut so at least part of my day could have been good. To make sure today was better he wanted my day to start off with a doughnut, so sweet! We all pick out a doughnut to eat. I end up not being able to decide between 3 so I cut each one in half and eat half of each. The kids are still eating when I'm done so I  empty the dishwasher, re-load it, and wash the dishes in the sink. Carter leaves the room to get dressed so I have Elise put the silverware away by herself and she rocks it! Then she decides to play with everything once she's done and gets it all mixed up so I help her fix it. The kids play while I scrub down the counters, microwave, and stove. While I'm working on that Carter wants to play Santa so in between cleaning I leave the room to go open presents he's wrapped in cloth napkins to see what Santa brought me. When I finish my chores I brush Carter's teeth, fill water bottles for all of us, and pack a snack for Elise. Then I pack some clothes that I can change into after my while the kids play with Carter's PJ Masks book. I really wanted to wear some new running clothes my parents got me for Mother's Day which are in the drier so I wait on them and then get dressed. Carter says I look pretty in my new clothes and wants to take a picture for Oma and Opa. Next I dress Elise which is easy today, she doesn't fight me at all. She does want to put on her own shoes so that takes a while. We have time for a short game of  doggies before leaving to drop Carter off at school.
Elise brushing her teeth while I brush mine.
Enjoying doughnuts daddy left for us.
Elise putting the silverware away all on her own!
Opening presents from Santa.
Showing off my new running gear from Oma and Opa.
Elise putting her shoes on, saying "right foot, mommy?"
Elise panting while playing doggies.
9:10- We are out the door, headed to drop Carter off at school. At 9:30 we arrive at school. Elise has taken her shoes and socks off which is pretty typical. Today she insists on putting them back on herself which takes forever. Carter is really patient and just stands in the grass playing on a tree by our car while he waits. We finally walk inside and Carter gives us hugs and kisses before we leave. As I'm walking off with Elise she wants one more kiss from Carter, so we head back over and her sweet brother is happy to give her another one. When we get to the car Elise asks for oh-joos (oranges) so I pull out her snack and let her have them. We stop off at Riverside to run. I get the stroller ready and then head to the bathroom before running an easy 4 miles. During my run Elise falls asleep. When I finish I start to walk. Normally the switch from running to walking wakes her up, but she's still asleep. I stop at the playground and ask her if she'd like to play, saying her name repeatedly but she sleeps through it. I decide to walk a little bit more before waking her up. Then I head into the bathroom and when I flush the toilet, she finally wakes up. We head back over to play at the playground. She's all about the swings this morning and is loving it when I grab her legs, pull her toward me, and then let go causing her to fly backward. After a while of swinging she wants to go look at the water. The river is really full due to all the rain we've had. We head over to look at it and then it's time to leave to pick Carter up.
Carter ready to head into school.
Elise asleep on our run.
Elise playing at the playground.
Elise loving the swing.
Checking out all the water in the river.
11:40- I load up and we leave to pick Carter up. Elise wants to strap herself, yelling "my do that!" She is able to snap the top but needs help with bottom. She won't let me help her so I have to wait until she gets really frustrated and yells for help. That takes a decent amount of patience! We arrive at Carter's school a little before noon and sit in the pickup line waiting for him. He brings out a cute watermelon craft he has created and his teacher tells me he had a wonderful day. Then she reminds me about their field day coming up on Thursday. I get Carter strapped into his seat and he tells me all about getting to eat watermelon as his snack today.
Elise trying to snap her car seat buckles.
12:20- We arrive home. Since Carter had a good day at school he gets to watch extra tv. He chooses Garfield and I put an episode on for him and Elise to watch. While they are watching tv, I foam roll and then head into the kitchen to make lunch. When I have lunch on the table I turn off the tv and we eat together at the table. I clean up from lunch and then head in to take a shower. Elise wants to shower with me so I help her take her clothes off and she climbs in. Carter plays in bathroom while we shower. I get dressed after my shower and then switch the laundry over and start a new load with help from Elise. Then I get Elise dressed again. While I am dressing Elise, Carter puts on an Ironman costume and is looking pretty cute while sitting on the arm of the chair reading princess books. I head into Elise's room with her around 2:00 to work on naps. Normally she goes down closer to 1:00 but I'm putting her down late since she took a morning nap. I'm not sure how it will go because she's not acting very tired. Carter, on the other hand, is looking really tired and has picked out a couple books he wants me to read him before he lays down.
My view while foam rolling.
Elise helping me with laundry.
Ironman is a sucker for a good princess story.
3:00- I'm still trying to get Elise down and she's trying every trick in the book. She wants socks on. Then she wants some water (luckily there was already a sippy in her room so that was easy). Then she says she needs to potty. She's been wanting to use the potty off and on and I don't want to stifle her when she's actually going to do it so we get up and head into the bathroom. She asks me to leave and then proceeds to take off all her clothes, including her shirt, to sit on the potty. She shut the door but I can hear he climb onto the potty and then actually go. I'm glad she does because I was going to be really frustrated if she didn't. Then it's back to her room where she wants her clothes back on so I re-dress her. Then we rock for a little longer and she tells me she needs to poop so we head back to the bathroom. No poop but quite a bit of potty again so I don't get too irritated over her naptime stalling. Then it's back in to rock for a few more minutes and I lay her down. She stays in her bed but cries. I head into the living room where Carter has patiently been waiting for me to read him the books he picked out. We read our books and then I headed into Carter's room to lay with him. I hear Elise's door open and take her back to her room. Once she's down again I lay back down with Carter who must be wiped because he falls asleep incredibly quickly even through Elise's crying and shenanigans going on in her room. At 3:30 I go back into Elise's room and she asks to rock. I pick her up and start to rock her. I decide if she's still awake at 4:00 I'll just let her skip her nap otherwise she'll be all off for bedtime. Around 3:40 she seems asleep so I use my phone camera to check and she's not so we keep rocking. About 5 minutes later she's out so I lay her in bed and head out. I switch the laundry over and then fold some laundry. Then I sit down to work on a blog post while the kids nap.
Elise sitting on the potty.
Elise still laying around messing in bed at almost 3:00!
Elise finally asleep!
5:00- Jeremy stops by while walking his dogs to drops off Ty's birthday present for tomorrow. Carter hears us talking and wakes up. He's excited to see Jeremy but still a little tired from his nap and needs some time to wake up. Jeremy leaves to finish his walk and Carter and I sit on the couch to read books together. About 30 minutes later Elise wakes up. Carter very excitedly asks Elise if she wants to meet up with Uncie J to take a walk with him. Elise excitedly says yes so I let Carter call Jeremy to see where he is. Jeremy had just gotten home so Carter asks if we can stop by to see him. We quickly get ready and drive over to his house for a short visit. The kids have a blast playing with his very friendly cat, Mr. Jones. We don't stay long and head out to get dinner ready before Ty gets home. Elise doesn't want to get in her seat because I've rolled the window down on Carter's side so she's standing at the window talking to Jeremy who walked us out to the car. It's pretty darn cute!
Elise and Carter playing with Jeremy's cat, Mr. Jones.
6:10- We get home and I start to heat up leftovers from dinner last night. Carter puts on his swimsuit and Elise takes her clothes off and they head out to play in the swimming pool while I get dinner ready. It's a little chilly for it at just over 80 degrees so Carter ends up sitting by the pool with his fishing pole pretending to fish in the pool. Elise steps in the water and then spends the rest of the time running around the yard naked. Ty gets home around 6:15 and we eat dinner. Then the kids play in the backyard a little bit more. Carter has gotten really good at casting his fishing pole and is able to cast it up onto the roof. He's really proud to show me. Elise is opening the door and yelling, "Love you, Mommy! Love you, Daddy! Bye, bye, okay!" Once we've picked up the dinner dishes we have the kids come in. They pick up the house while I fold and put away the rest of the laundry and Ty makes his lunch for tomorrow and cleans up from dinner. Once the house is all cleaned up the kids watch tv for a little bit before bed. When I'm done folding all the laundry I do my strength training and then head into the living room with the kids.
The kids watching a little tv before bed.

8:15- I turn off the tv. We let the kids stay up later than usual since naps were late. Usually I rock Elise while Ty and Carter watch tv or play and then come back out to read books with Carter and put him to bed. Since the kids are up late we divide and conquer. Ty rocks Elise while I sing to Carter and put him in bed. It is super efficient and both kids are quiet and in bed by 8:35. Ty foam rolls while I work on our budget for the week. Then we talk about where we're standing for the month and what areas we need to cut back on. We chat for a while and then get ready for bed a little before 10:00. Ty gives me a bedtime kiss and I read for 15 minutes before going to sleep.


  1. A fun filled day with some frustration. haha

    1. Pretty much how you could sum up any day of my life, haha!