Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

This is how I foam roll, it's definitely difficult! Picture taken by Carter.
Elise being a baby after her shower.
Touching shrimp at the aquarium.

Carter using Zuma as a pillow.

Elise insisted on wearing Carter's undies for her nap. We compromised with a diaper under them.

Trying to foam roll my quads with a toddler on my back.
Elise was cuddling Teddy in her sleep, so cute!
Putting her shoes on all by herself. She's been saying, "my do it!" a lot lately.
Elise helping me with laundry.
Elise was very proud of her tower.
Carter pretending he ran into a tree.
Elise was hamming it up when she saw I was taking a picture.
Carter exploring with his hand binoculars.


  1. Very cute! Did Elise finally eat a p&j or a wrap? I'm not sure how you manage to foam roll and she looked like a frog on the toilet with her legs on either side. Carter looked like a very patient fisherman.