Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Another Accident Trip

Warning: There are some pictures of the wound. If you have a weak stomach, scroll past pictures.

Sunday morning was a pretty lazy morning. I slept in while Ty got up with the kids. Then I got up and Ty laid down for a nap. I took the kids outside and they ran around barefoot all morning in the backyard having a blast. When Ty got up I headed out for a short 3 mile recovery run. As I was turning onto our street at the end of my run I saw Ty out at the van. The first thing I noticed was that he was still in regular clothes. We had decided he would change into running clothes so he could head out for his long run when I returned. He waved in kind of a hurry up motion so I wondered what the heck was going on. As I got closer he told me Carter cut his foot and he thought we needed to go to Urgent Care. I jumped in the car and then Ty back peddled a little saying maybe we needed to, he wasn't sure. After lots of crying from Carter I convinced him to let me look at it so I could take a picture and send it to Dr. Raley. Our doctor is awesome and encourages us to text him pictures after hours or on weekends so he can let us know what would be best. He responded fairly quickly that he felt we should go to the emergency room so off we went.
The picture I sent our pediatrician.

In the car Ty and Carter filled me in on the whole story. They had gone in the backyard so Ty could clip both kids' nails. He finished Carter first and Carter took off running toward the house to go inside and then cried out that he hurt his foot before disappearing into the house. Ty had Elise on his lap clipping her nails so he finished up and was getting ready to go after Carter when he reappeared with a box of band aids asking for a band aid on his foot. Ty looked and there was blood gushing out of Carter's foot so he told him he didn't think a band aid would be enough. He took him in to the kitchen sink and rinsed his foot. That's when he noticed how deep the cut was. He told Carter he thought they'd better go to the doctor because the cut might need a doctor to put it back together. He told Carter that he'd get him dressed and they'd head out. At that time he turned around and Elise was gone. He was thinking, man now I have to find Elise before we can go. But he found her in Carter's room trying to open his dresser drawer to get out clothes for him. They loaded up in the car and were ready to go right about when I got home.
Carter watching tv in the emergency room.

The hospital had a pediatric emergency room and they were awesome. They got us in right away and took a look at his foot. The nurse showed Carter a chart from 0-10 with smiley faces on it and asked him to point out how much pain he was in, he pointed at the 0 which we all knew was not accurate. Elise was exhausted because at this point it was her naptime and she'd been up since 6am so she fell asleep in Ty's arms as he held her. Carter said he'd share his bed so Ty laid her down on Carter's bed and she stayed asleep. They cleaned Carter's foot out with water which was the worst part for him. He screamed and cried because it was cold and Elise slept through all of it. Then the nurse came in and put some ointment on a piece of guaze to numb the area. She said that would need to be on for about 25 minutes before it would be numb enough for stitches. Carter enjoyed watching the end of Hercules and then the beginning of Tarzan during this time. Elise just slept away like a little boss. When the doctor came in she needed to give Carter a short in the area to numb his foot before stitching it up. The minute Carter saw the needle he started freaking out. I looked at the monitor and saw that his heart rate had gone from upper 90's to 160! He flailed and screamed and cried. Thankfully Ty was able to hold him down. When the doctor started stitching Carter up, Ty leaned in a way to keep Carter from seeing very much so he wouldn't freak out. Carter wanted to watch so he rested his head on Elise's booty. She still didn't wake up! Ty turned that into a joke about hoping Elise didn't toot in his face which also distracted him. Carter ended up with 3 stitches in his foot and was a champ during that part. We had a birthday party at a park that evening and he hobbled around on the playground with his friends. He's doing well and will get the stitches out in 7-10 days.
Carter getting stitches.
Carter using Elise as a pillow, he moved up to her back at this point.
3 stitches
Enjoying his popsicle when they were finished.