Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mother's Day Tea

On Tuesday Carter's school put on a Mother's Day tea for all the moms of their students. They had pastries and punch for us when we arrived and then each class sang 3 different songs for us. When I first arrived I was surprised. I expected it to be similar to the Christmas program which was in the sanctuary with the kids singing on stage. This program was in the fellowship hall so we sat at tables and unless you had a prime spot it was a little bit hard to see. I was one of the later moms to arrive because we had dropped Elise off to spend the morning with her Uncie J so I could really focus on Carter and enjoy listening to him sing. At the Christmas program I sat way in the back with Elise and she wasn't very interested in sitting still. When I arrived I walked in to a room full of moms sitting at tables and chatting. I immediately started to panic a little bit because I didn't recognize any faces and I didn't know anyone to sit with. It seemed everyone there knew the other people at their tables. I only knew one mom of a student in Carter's class because we ran into each other at Skyzone and Carter started talking to her daughter. I felt a little bit like a new student in the cafeteria at high school. I decided to get some pastries and then just walk up to a table and ask to sit with them. That was a great choice as I ended up standing in the food line behind the only mom I knew in the room and we sat together. Then Jake's mom showed up and I laughed at myself for freaking out that I wouldn't know anyone. She's the one who referred me to the school when we were looking for a preschool for Carter!
Carter ready to perform with his class.

Elise ready for her playdate with Uncie J!
Carter's class was one of the last classes to come out as they went in age order. I got up and moved toward the front for his class' performance. I was so proud of him when I saw him walking in and noticed he was scanning the room looking for me so I waved. Once he found me, he kept his eyes on me the entire time while he sang and danced along. It was the cutest thing and I loved hearing him sing with his class and by the end my face hurt from smiling so big for so long. I knew one of the songs already because he's been singing it all week at home. The song goes L-O-V-E, love you mom in part of it and Carter sings it more like "Uh-oh-v-e, love you mom," which is just so darn cute! After they sang Carter's class hung out in the hallway until the end of the program so they could give us the gifts they made for us themselves. Then his teacher took a picture of us together and I got to snuggle him for a little bit before heading to Jeremy's house to pick up Elise. It was such a wonderful program and I really appreciated all the work his teachers put into teaching him the songs and making the gifts as well as all the work the assistant director and director put into decorating and setting out treats for us. It was a wonderful event and a memory I will cherish. What a wonderful Mother's Day present! Now I know I need to up my game for Mother's Day when I go back to teaching. Presents from school are so wonderful because they are such a surprise. I didn't plan any of it, collect any materials, or help him make something for me. It was fun to be surprised and have no idea what he had made me! One of the presents was a silhouette they had made which reminded me of what our kindergarten teacher did with us when we were little. My mom still has all 3 of them hanging at her house! I know I will love it for years to come!  Funny side note: as Jake's class was walking out of the room, his teacher said he stopped and sat down at a table and just started drinking someone's punch. Kirsten and I were cracking over that as it was just so Jake!

The special card Carter made me for Mother's Day.
The silhouette Carter's teachers made for our gift.


  1. It looked like you got the perfect spot, so he could see you and you could see him easily. He didn't do the motions as well, because he was too busy singing to you and not watching the director. I thought that was cute.

    1. I know, he wouldn't look away from me to see what to do, haha!