Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Free bagel, thanks to Oma's My Panera card!
Spray chalk from Target. It looked like a lot of fun and they enjoyed it but I'm not sure it was worth $1.
Carter set up a party for us. He put up bowling pins and a dress up basket along with all the games by the fireplace and a few presents wrapped in cloth napkins.
He also set up craft stuff on the table for our party.
Elise wanted me to carry her so we compromised with her riding on the top of the stroller while holding my hand.
We've never seen the arctic foxes out of their holes and got really excited!
Elise holding Otter up so he could see the arctic foxes.
They love the naked mole rats!
Elise didn't want to leave the otters and Carter said, "Elise, what's so great about the otters anyway?"
Carter found a rock painted like a giraffe right by the giraffe exhibit at the zoo. The lady by us told me she had heard about it, it's a group on Facebook where people hide rocks they paint and you get to keep it. Carter was pretty jazzed about it.
Carter asked me to take a picture of him being cute during quiet time.
Elise turning the cinnamon roll into a birthday cake.
Playdate with my friend and her sons. Notice her shirt, haha!
Carter meeting Toto during the intermission of the Wizard of Oz.
Carter got so excited when he met Dorothy, jumping up and down and everything!
Protecting each other from monster Opa.
Carter made the helicopter all by himself!
Carrying his chair to the baseball game.
Elise went straight for our friend's baby.
Playdate at the baseball game.
Elise spent most of her time on the blanket playing with the babies.
Carter got to dress as a zoo animal for school and he got so excited to wear his lion mane and tail from his 3rd birthday.
Elise heard me taking pictures of Carter so she ran in and cheesed for me.
My little lion ready for school.
Elise and her baby matched.
Pictures they took at Carter's school.
This is apparently the best way to read a book.


  1. Carter set up a good party. His slide show was good, too. I enjoyed Elise making her birthday cinnamon roll. :)

    1. He is so darn cute setting up all these parties, I love it! The cinnamon roll was adorable!