Monday, May 8, 2017

What Carter Says About His Oma

For the past few years I've been asking Carter questions about me for Mother's Day. Now that he's older it doesn't take him as long to answer the questions. I thought it would be fun to add his grandmas in this year so I asked him questions about his Oma and Gma for Mother's Day this year. This is what Carter says about his Oma in 2017 at almost 4.5 years old:
Just the girls after taking family pictures (plus Fezzik in the background).

What is something Oma always says to you?
Feed the dogs!

What makes Oma happy?
By giving her hugs and kisses.

What makes Oma sad?
By not giving her hugs and kisses.

How does Oma make you laugh?
By telling me funny stories. Any stories she says to me, Peanut stories are my favorite.

What was Oma like as a child?
Like blonde hair, curly hair, and small, and cute, and she had cute little leggies and hands and feet.

How old is Oma?
Old, umm, 42

How tall is Oma?
She's tall as a school bus.

What is Oma's favorite thing to do?
To go and watch me play on inflatables.

What does Oma do when you're not around?
She, I think, sits down and feeds the dogs while she drinks tea.

If Oma becomes famous, what will it be for?
For working.

What is Oma really good at?
Playing games, like hide and seek.

What is Oma not very good at?
Playing tag, I'm too fast.

What does Oma do for a job?
She goes to work.

What is Oma's favorite food?

Any food

What makes you proud of Oma?
I don't know, anything she does.

If Oma were a character who would she be?
That lion in Wizard of Oz because she could be a friend. Oma is a good friend.

What do you and Oma do together?
Play with water balloons.

How are you and Oma the same?
We both have skin.

How are you and Oma different?
I am a boy and she's a girl.

How do you know Oma loves you?
Cause Opa and me and Elise always kiss her and hug her.

What does Oma like most about Opa?
He plays with her.

Where is Oma's favorite place to go?
To the Timmy's restaurant with grilled cheeses and mac and cheese and sandwiches. (He is talking about Panera, I'm not sure why he called it Timmy's)

How old was Oma when you were born?


  1. That's hilarious. And thank heavens we have skin.

    1. I thought it was so darn cute about what he said you do when he isn't around. He's such an observant boy to say you'd be drinking tea!

  2. Sounds like a pretty awesome Oma!! I like how you are getting younger too.

  3. I was surprised about him knowing I drink tea. Pretty good! Of course, he's had some sometimes. :)