Friday, May 19, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Elise gave me a wonderful Mother's Day present by sleeping until 7:00 am that morning! It was the first time all week she had slept past 6:30 am and it was wonderful. I wasn't feeling very good on Saturday morning so Ty had gotten up with the kids. I was excited to get up and have a morning with the kids before Ty woke up. We put together puzzles and the kids ate breakfast while we waited on Ty to wake up. Then we headed to the trails so I could go for a run. On the way there we decided to stop off at a doughnut shop so we could get some filled doughnut holes for my family to try since we'd been talking about how good they are. I ended up eating a doughnut on the drive to the trails but didn't run very fast so it didn't matter. I planned to run with Thomas' dog, Quinn, who we were dogsitting but she got really scared with all the bikers going by and kept sitting down and refusing to move so I dropped her back off with Ty who was at the playground with the kids. I finished my run and got some water and was walking back over to the playground with Elise when my parents arrived with their dogs. Mom and I started off on a walk with Elise and the dogs because Elise wanted to run. Ty decided to come with us while dad stayed at the playground with Carter. I ate a couple of doughnut holes on our walk and then Jeremy arrived with his dogs. We played around and walked for a while before deciding to head home. Carter and my dad went down by the water where some people were fishing and Carter started talking with them. He became obsessed with going fishing so we decided to go home so he could play with his fishing pole in the backyard.
Our yummy filled doughnut holes!

At home I foam rolled and then hopped in the shower. I put on my pretty LulaRoe dress Ty got me for Mother's Day and then my parents treated us to lunch at McAlister's. The kids love their mac and cheese and I love that kids' meals are only 99 cents! I also enjoyed having some tea with my meal. It was naptime when we finished eating so we headed home to put the kids down for naps. I enjoyed snuggling with Elise as we rocked and then laid with Carter and read for a bit as he fell asleep. Once Carter was asleep I headed out to shop with my mom. I needed to pick up our groceries for the week and I also wanted to get a fishing pole for Elise so she could play with Carter. I'd gone through her piggy bank and she had $6 which I figured was close enough, we'd spot her the rest. When we got back the kids were up and playing in the backyard so I stayed home and Ty finished out shopping with my mom at Sam's.

Ty and my mom picked up steaks and chicken sausage which Ty grilled for dinner. After dinner Elise proudly carried out some surprise presents Ty made with kids. I loved them and he said me going for a 5 mile run was just barely enough time for him to complete a craft with the kids. He did a great job and I loved it! We played a game of corn hole, raced in backyard, and played some more with fishing poles. The kids decided it was great fun to cast into the swimming pool and then reel it back in. They even pulled up their little chairs and sat by the pool to do so. It was adorable! We had another wonderful Mother's Day and I'm so glad I get to be momma to my two sweet little babies!
Elise carrying out my presents.
So excited to seeing the pictures the kids made me for Mother's Day.
The kids love playing with Oreo.
Reading Carter a bedtime story.

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