Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Remember that time Elise dropped my phone in the toilet and I hadn't backed my phone up since October so I lost a few days worth of pictures? Well today she was playing around with my phone after I showed her videos of her and Carter and she somehow came across memories on my phone and I about peed my pants when it was showing pictures from that time period! I was able to select all the pictures and move them over into my album so I could download them to the computer. Only the pictures were there so she didn't recover the videos but maybe another day? Haha! The beginning of this post will be those lost pictures.
Walking to the library.
She insisted on carrying both Otta and Pandy.
Climbing a tree on the way home as well as playing with big sticks.
I tried to get a picture of Elise's lip, she fell and busted it at the playground but it didn't look bad in pictures.
I love it when he puts a pen behind his ear "like daddy".
Watching the elephant get a bath.
I was changing Elise's diaper and looked over to see Carter doing this!
Elise's favorite, the otters!
They crack me up when they decide to share the single stroller!
 Now the rest of these are from this past week.
Watching The Wizard of Oz.
We were playing at the playground and were invited over to eat leftovers from an event.
Going on a walk with a dog and a lion.
Making a Luchador mask at a Cinco de Mayo street party.
Cracking eggs on each other's heads for good luck on Cinco de Mayo.
Meeting Nugget, a tiny chihuahua.
We got to eat on the wrestling mat in the restaurant, you can't really tell in the picture.
Waiting for their sunscreen to dry so they could play in their new pool from Oma and Opa.
Carter and Elise hiding from Jake, obviously they did a great job!
This is what happens anytime I try to foam roll while Elise is awake!
Doing yoga for kids.
Elise got ahold of my phone and kept taking pictures while saying "cheese!"
Elise trying to take a picture of Ty.
Elise taking a picture of Carter.
I love her pretty eyes in this picture she took.
I love her curls in this picture she took.
I took our bee poster down and taped it to the table for drawing paper.
Elise was drawing while Carter did puzzles it was a relaxing start to our day!
We were picking out presents for our friends' birthday parties coming up. I thought it was funny they picked the stereotypical colors for their gender.
Our first time bowling!
Elise really wanted to wear special shoes so the lady working there brought her a pair without charging me. It was so nice!
Carter and Elise were neck and neck during the first game!

Elise decided to take off her bowling shoes and put Carter's shoes on.
She got tired and didn't make it through the 2nd game.


  1. I loved it all. The yoga was adorable, and it was cute to see Elise watch Carter to see what to do. The bowling looked fun. And yay for Elise finding the lost pictures!!

    1. Isn't that crazy?!!? I have no idea how they were on my phone since I hadn't backed it up in months but I was thrilled. Maybe one day she will find the videos somehow!