Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Building at the Children's Museum.
Part of the grossology exhibit at the Children's Museum.
Park time with Uncie Taco.
Carter jumped off this later.
Free bagel from a coupon in a race packet.
Carter loved that the chinchillas were right up by the glass.
He saw some other kids taking their picture here so he wanted to do it too.
It was a chilly morning, perfect time because all the animals were active.
Excited to see daddy's favorite, the otters!
I guess the meerkats were cuddling for warmth.
Harper dug around in her toy basket in search of spilled cat food and got a frisbee stuck on her neck.
Drive to my parents' house so we could go to Hayden's birthday party.
Little Miss figured out how to open the cabinets.
Carrying Hayden's present to the car.
Erin with both the girls.
Addison and Elise.
Carter patiently waiting for cake.
Carter trying out Hayden's new bike.
Elise sitting in a high chair like a big girl!
Cutest little bed hog you ever did see!
I held her during her morning nap and it was glorious!
Another zoo morning, Carter loves the zoo!
With his buddy, Cael.
With his buddies, Cael and Laney.
Making noises with her tongue.
Ready for the aquarium in her nautical onesie!
Storytime at the aquarium.
Enjoying the story with his buddy, Grant.
They had a mermaid diver in the tank behind us for the kids to see.
Elise smiled so big at her!
The craft was making their own dive mask.
Elise wasn't interested in wearing her dive mask at all.
"Look, Big Al is riding with me!"
Corn maze.
Pumpkin sling shot.


  1. As always, wonderful pictures. I love Elise smiling, and she liked the mermaid because she can't wait to be one. :) And of course, Carter is a hoot. AND a jumper!!

    1. Carter has been telling people he is going to be a mermaid and Elise a pirate, haha! You should've heard Thomas talk about Carter jumping. He was amazed and decided it was the equivalent of one of us jumping off something 9 feet tall!