Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mostly Wordless Thursday

It all started for me Tuesday night with a long night spent mostly in the bathroom instead of bed. I should've been prepared as Carter just wasn't himself this past weekend, wanting to be carried the entire time at the zoo when he typically walks the entire time until we get to the parking lot. Then on Monday he had a very liquid #2 accident at the park. He was at the top of the slide, clean pants. Then he walked away from the slide and had dirty pants. The boy really never acts very sick and hardly slows down at all. If it hadn't been for our zoo adventure and then the accident at the park I wouldn't have thought he was sick. But then it hit me Tuesday. Ty decided to go to work Wednesday morning but was home shortly after as it hit him on his way into work. So yesterday was spent trying to survive the stomach bug while also tending to Carter and Elise. A post just wasn't going to happen. To give you an idea of how terrible I felt, I usually hit a minimum of 12,000 steps each day but typically more in the range of 15,000-18,000 steps and yesterday topped out at 6,000. And I only got that many because I started to feel a little bit better around bedtime and walked around picking up the house. Before dinner I hadn't even hit 2,000 steps! So here is Wordless Wednesday a day late and also hoping Miss Elise comes out of this unscathed as so far she has been feeling perfectly normal!
Carter wanted me to lay Elise down with him so he could share his blanket.

He loves feeding her!

But she loves feeding herself!

Concert at the library.

Her first night sleeping a full 12 hours!!!

Elise with Gigi and Papa.

Elise with Papa.

Modeling their new outfits from Gma and Gpa as well as their pumpkin hats made by Oma.

Carter wanting to be carried at the zoo.

Playing with Gma's hair.

Carter didn't like hearing the lorakeets, but loved watching them.

This is how close they were.

Touching a snake.

Riding the train.

Group shot on the train.

Gma with her grandbabies.

So tired! Sleeping with his arm around the bear Ty had as a kid.

Elise was surprised by how much chocolate I ate at the "Taste of Chocolate" event.

Gma giving Carter a chocolate mouse she picked out at the chocolate event for him.

Riding in Gpa's classic car with him.

Elise playing with Great Grandma.

Perfect golf stance, haha!

Enjoying the annual weenie roast.

Ty making hot dogs for Carter and himself.

Carter wearing his glow stick. He called it a hat, I called it a halo.

Carter at the weenie roast last year compared to this year! Look at his feet not touching on the left!

Always helping out, carrying his chair to the car with daddy.

Playing at the park while Carter played.

Exercising after daddy and my run.

Doing some calf raises.

New Lightning McQueen rain boots from Oma and Opa.

Enjoying chicken nuggets with a coupon from the summer reading program. We smuggled in apples and carrots to go with the meal.

I decided to change Elise's diaper on the floor and she took off rolling away.

Sister took a nap at 5:00 so she wasn't tired at bedtime and we got to play for an hour after Carter went to bed. It was so much fun!

Ty attempting to eat during the stomach bug.

Carter and Landon touching a star fish at the aquarium.

He wasn't interested in me boosting him up to touch the shrimp, he wanted to do it himself!


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry you all were so sick! The stomach bug is the one thing my kids haven't caught yet (knock on wood!). I can only imagine how terrible it must have been. But on a good note: those pumpkin hats slay me! So stinking cute!

    1. Thanks! The upside of the stomach bug is that it only last about 24 hours. But it was brutal!!! The amount of cleaning I've done today is pretty crazy! I love the hats too. I only wish I'd gotten a better picture because you can't see the stems all that well.

  2. Very sweet pictures! I can't wait to watch the videos.

    1. Thanks! I was surprised when I went to add pictures and realized how many I had this week!