Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Excited to see her peek-a-boo teddy bear.
Playing on the blanket while Carter played at the park.
Little baby on a big blanket!
Ready to watch his football game.
Carter gave up his spot in the stroller for his baby doll and just rode on the front.
Ready for the Zoo Fun Run.
Walking to the zoo for the race.
Climbing the elephant statue at the zoo.
Walking around the zoo after the race.
Elise sitting at the table with everyone else for dinner.
Elise looks so cute at the table like a big girl! Of course Carter picked the chair where he had more space than everyone else!
I went in and asked if Elise could sit with them so Carter scooted over and then put his arm around her. He's the sweetest!
Carter put on his old bath robe and I had to get a picture for his Gma!
Running on the trails during our hike.
He got tired after all that running so Opa gave him a shoulder ride.
The walk with Oma that went totally awry.
Bought Carter Batman jammies so he could be sissy's super hero.
I told him sissy was his side kick so he kept kicking at the camera.
Tent fun in the living room.
I was wearing a jacket so Carter wanted to wear one too and insisted that sissy did as well.
Harper super excited for a run and then a walk! It was hilarious watching her as I got the stroller unloaded.
Carter walking Harper after our run.
Showing off her new black flower that Oma made for her headband collection.
Playing with scarves at library storytime.
"Helping" daddy build their Halloween costume.
I went through Ty's phone and sent myself pictures I wanted so some of these are older.
From Ty's phone
From Ty's phone
Sissy worn out from her doctor's appointment.
Ready for a walk.
From Ty's phone, working on his bike as daddy and Gpa worked in the garage.
From our nice camera, we took a little photo shoot at Gma and Gpa's house.
Elise wearing the dress her Gma wore when she was 6 months old.


  1. Oh my gosh, how he has grown. That robe is pretty short! I liked how Carter's mouth was moving while feeding Elise.
    Luvs, Gma