Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Riding a cement peacock.
Up close and personal with a real peacock.
The zoo wore her out!
Elise loves going on playdates and getting extra attention!
My mom made a pumpkin hat for my friend's daughter.
Cutest babies ever modeling their hats!
Elise watching Carter color.
"Sissy don't pull that!"
Making music together.
Both Carter and Thomas ended up with marker on their faces after this coloring session.
Riding a shuttle to the fair.
Notice both babes sucking their thumbs.
Thanks to Uncie J winning ride passes Carter got to ride all the rides he wanted!
Exhausted after the fair he napped all the way to the town where our half marathon was!
He found these real estate booklets while we were waiting to eat and "read them" pretending they were books about trains and dinosaurs.
Then an actual train went by!
Elise's first time sitting in the cart.
She liked it at first but then I ended up carrying her.
Finger puppets!
Carter wasn't feeling well so Harper slept in bed with him during his nap.
Where's Elise?!!?
Here I am!!!!
He saw me flossing his teeth so he wanted to try it.
Playing with a parachute at storytime.
Playing with a tambourine.


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