Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pumpkin Picture Overload

So remember the first day of fall when I was talking about letting Carter paint a pumpkin?  I thought Ty might not think it was a good idea, but when I told him, he was all in.  He picked up a pumpkin for us last night and we went to town with the pumpkin today.  I'm glad it worked out to do it when Ty was home because it was definitely a 2 person job.  One person taking pictures, which was Ty, and one person making sure Carter didn't get paint in his mouth, which was me. 

This leaf looks delicious!

Crafting with Carter is one of my favorite things to do.  Carter first experienced paint in February at 2 months old making Valentine's Day cards.  Through all of my experiences using paint with Carter I was most concerned he would put his hand(s) in his mouth covered with paint and ingest the paint.  I was pleasantly surprised when he was so interested in painting the pumpkin he try to put his hand in his mouth at all.  The only problem was when he grabbed some grass and a leaf and tried to put them in his mouth with a hand covered in paint!  Between the cuteness of Carter painting the pumpkin, Ty's amazing photography skills, and our fabulous new camera I just couldn't pick a few pictures, so be prepared for picture overload!
Just getting started.

I love the handprints on the pumpkin!


This is a great picture to end on.  True happiness!


  1. I love his pumpkin art!!! I am envious of how patient you are with letting Carter get down and dirty with his art!! I LOVE his "Rar!" photo!!

    1. It makes me nervous that he's going to eat paint, but he sure LOVES it!!!!