Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Carter Loves Laundry

One of Carter's favorite chores to help me with is folding laundry.  It comes second only to feeding the animals.  He loves to watch Harper eat and laughs as she barks and hops around with excitement while we get her food ready.

As I fold laundry he reaches into the basket and pulls clothes out.  He loves to roll around and play with the clothes as I fold.  He also grabs the basket, shakes it around, and eventually pushes it off the bed.  Watching him makes folding laundry so much fun.  I used to save most chores until after he went to bed so I had more play time with him, now I make sure to fold laundry with him.  It's a blast for both of us!  Although it does take me twice as long as usual because I spend half the time watching him, taking pictures of him playing, and video taping him.


  1. He'd love laundry with Fezzik since Fezzik loves socks too. They would have a ball together. When we went on a walk, anytime he could see Fezzik in front of the stroller he laughed.

  2. Carter would pull all the socks out of the basket and give them to Fezzy to chew!