Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we went to visit my parents.  Ty had a Fantasy Football draft and wanted to be there in person.  He gets pretty jazzed up about football season and just as excited for fantasy.  Last year he won his league and almost $300 so I can't complain...  At least not too much!  My brother, Thomas, also came for the weekend and the draft.  He and Ty are in the same league.
Hanging out with Uncie Tommy.

We had such a great weekend just hanging out, enjoying Carter and family time.  I showed my mom some ideas for Carter's birthday party.  How is it only 3 and a half months away?!!?  Which turned into us going shopping for materials.  I'd have to say my mom is very excited to celebrate the fact that Carter has graced us with his presence for 12 months! 

Carter and his grammy.
On the way home we stopped at Panera for a late lunch.  Carter was starting to fall asleep so I decided to stay in the car with him.  He got hungry, but I didn't want to get him out and nurse him in case he fell asleep while nursing.  Then I'd have to wake him up to put him back in his car seat which makes him very unhappy.  I decided to give him some oatmeal cereal.  I called Ty and asked him to bring me some water.  While we were waiting Carter got really hungry so I fed him some dry cereal.  I was surprised he actually ate it although it did make quite a mess!
Oatmeal was everywhere!
When we come to visit it becomes a bit of a zoo at my parents' house.  They have 2 large dogs and have inherited my granparents' 2 small dogs.  We bring Harper into the mix and there are 5 dogs ranging from very small to very large.  Get food out in the kitchen and you have a captive audience.  I have no idea how my mom gets any cooking done!
The dogs watching mom cook.
Unfortunately I forgot to pack either of our cameras, so all the pictures of the weekend were taken on our phones.  The pictures never look quite as good! 
Playing on the ipad with Uncie Tommy.