Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Carter's Favorites Right Now

Just recently Carter started clapping and man does he love it!  At first he would clap along when I would clap and say "yay".  Now he claps all the time.  I'll be driving in the car, peek up at him in the mirror, and he's just clapping away.  Probably to himself in the mirror.  While I'm running I'll look down and his legs are stretched straight out and he's clapping.  It's just plain adorable.

One day at lunchtime when I went to visit Carter I was holding him and bent down to pick up my purse.  When I bent down he leaned and almost went upside-down and started laughing.  I then very slowly and gently leaned him upside-down and he deep down belly laughed.  We spent a solid 3-5 minutes with me leaning down and him laughing hysterically.  That night I told Ty what had happened and he picked Carter up and leaned him upside-down.  Of course, being a dad, he was much rougher with Carter than I was, swinging him between his legs.  Forgive the mess in the background of the video, we were still reorganizing and cleaning after our house was ransacked!

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