Thursday, July 12, 2018

4th of July 2018

Since the 4th of July was a Wednesday this year and Ty recently started a new job (so he doesn't have any extra days built up), he only had the 4th off. We talked about what to do and eventually decided the kids and I would go to my parents' house and he'd stay home for the holiday. We were sad to leave him but the 4th just isn't the same when you can't shoot fireworks inside city limits and that's the case for us. We left on the 3rd after Ty headed to work and stayed until Thursday, arriving home around the same time Ty got home from work. We started our day on the 4th with a Firecracker 5k which was so much fun. Read about it here. I had been a little worried about how the race would go because I tried to ride dad's bike the day before and fell off. When I fell I caught my foot on the bike and twisted my ankle. I woke up with a sore calf but it didn't bother me at all as I ran. After the race we headed to McDonald's for breakfast.
Dad covered in grandchildren at the race waiting for awards.
When we got home from the race Carter wanted to go pick out fireworks. I decided I'd wait to shower until I'd cooled off a little so I just changed into clothes that weren't all sweaty and stayed outside with the kids. Carter and Elise had both earned $10 to pick out fireworks so we walked to the stand close to my parents' house. They both enjoyed picking out their fireworks and we monitored to make sure they stayed on budget. I let Carter go a little over because he was getting some parachutes to share with Elise. He spent $14 and Elise spent $8. We did all the daytime fireworks when we got home. Smoke balls and snakes were the big hit of the day. We used the parachute tubes to put the smoke balls in so the kids could hold the smoke balls and wave the smoke around. There was a lot of crying over the parachutes. Carter cried when he didn't catch one. Then Elise cried when Carter caught one and she didn't. Then Elise was crying because I lit one instead of standing with her and Carter cried because he fell chasing one and skinned his knees. Thomas walked outside while both kids were crying which was just bad timing!

Practicing his sight words by reading them as he threw snappers at the word.

When we finished up with fireworks I took a shower and then we headed right back outside for lunch and to play with sidewalk chalk. Elise was so tired she fell asleep with her head on Opa's lap while laying on the porch swing. We had been waiting to go to the park for the activities going on there until Erin and her kids made it to town. They finally made it to town right after Elise had fallen asleep. I decided we'd let Elise sleep for a bit and meet up with them later. A boy rode by on a bike and yelled "Happy 4th of July," to us. Carter started talking to him and they ended up riding bikes and playing together. I was glad that occupied Carter because all morning he had been asking me when we were going to see Hayden and was driving me nuts! Elise didn't nap for very long and when she woke up we headed to the park.

Elise was out!
Carter with his friend he made.
Erin, Hayden, and Addison were at Kiddieland when we got to the park. We got some tickets. Carter and Hayden rode all the rides together. Elise and Addison did their own things but then rode together a few times. They had such a good time! While they were waiting to ride the train which would use up their last tickets for the day the kids said they were thirsty so I ventured out to see if they were giving away water anywhere in the park. Usually there's a church group passing out water bottles but no such luck. There was a politician giving out popsicles so I got one for each of the kids. When Carter saw the twin popsicle, he immediately asked me to break it in half so he could share it with Hayden which I thought was so sweet. Then Elise wanted to do the same with Addison. We saw an Uncle Sam on stilts and got a picture, walked around to look at the booths (which were a bust), and played at the playground. My flip flop broke so I was walking with one shoe on and one shoe off which was odd, but it worked.

When we got back to the house Jeremy told Carter his friend had come by the house looking for him. Thomas was grilling the steak for dinner. We had a delicious meal complete with a red, white, and blue cake mom had made which was delicious! Carter wanted to get more fireworks and my parents said they'd get some so we walked back to the firework stand. I asked Elise what she'd like and she said she wanted snakes. We asked where the snakes were and they said they were out. After that she walked around saying, "All I want it snakes. They don't have snakes, they all out." She wouldn't pick anything else so I decided we'd drive to a different stand to get some snakes. We ended up picking out a few extra things while we were there. When we got home we did more fireworks and when it got dark Thomas started shooting off the artillery shells mom got for him. The kids loved them but not the noise so they were both wearing headphones. Elise eventually took hers off but Carter wore his the whole time. Elise would laugh and clap every time one of the artillery shells lit up the sky, it was fun to watch! They both enjoyed sparklers and Elise told me when hers was finished, "I want more fire!"

Sparklers were a big hit this year too.

I let both kids stay up to see the city's firework show. The show didn't start until 10:00 which was super late but they did really well! After we finished our fireworks they roasted marshmallows and took a bath before we headed out to watch the show. Dad went with us and Carter was excited to play with some other kids who were there waiting to watch the show for a while before the show started. I was really impressed with the firework show. There were fireworks in the shape of a star, heart, and smiley face. I told the kids I'd never seen a smiley face firework before. Elise said, "I seen a smiley face before. I drawed one, even!" That cracked me up! There was a green light in the sky by the fireworks and I was wondering what it was. Elise said, "It's just there, mom!" When the show was over Elise said, "I was about to throw up!" By the time we got home and were in bed it was after 10:30 which was a super late night for the kids, especially after such a busy day! It was another wonderful 4th of July. Read about past celebrations here: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013.


  1. It was fun. I loved Elise's face on the bus with Addison. Carter had a blast at Kiddie Land, didn't he?

  2. We ended up doing the opposite/same thing for the 4th - Jon took Albani to his family's big 4th celebration in SEK and I stayed to work on the 5th (I actually worked some on the 4th too). After taking 7 days off for our last trip and having another 5 days off later in July, I just couldn't do it. It sounds/looks like your 4th was fantastic! Your new haircut is really cute too!

    1. It's so hard to do. I felt so bad leaving Ty, especially when he had an extra day off work! He only has 3 vacation days and wants to save them for Christmas so he can have the entire week of Christmas off and I know I'll be glad he did when Christmas rolls around!

      Thanks, it's so much cooler when I run and I love not having to comb out all the knots when I get home!!!!