Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Elise reading to Uncie Taco.

Elise didn't want him to fall asleep while she read so she had him move.
Uncie Taco's turn to read.
Opa had lots of help making homemade Play Dough and then everyone else lost interest and he finished it by himself.
Elise put Oma down for a nap.
Making a 4th of July door hanger.
Elise picked out her outfit for the day.
Elise sat through the entire concert at the library like this!

Carter trying to get a butterfly to land on his finger.

Smoke bombs at Gma and Gpa's.

Had to get the headphones for the loud fireworks.

A phone for each pocket!

We stopped at Elk City state park in Kansas on our way home from Gma and Gpa's house.

This was a fun trail for a hike!

I didn't feel like showering on my day off running so I just straightened my hair. It was super fast to do since it's so short!

Making stew.

Harper found a place where she could lay in the shade and still be close to the kids.

I asked Carter to dress fancy for our anniversary picture and this is what he picked out.

Elise refused to change her clothes for the picture.

This was Elise taking a picture of me and Carter in our cow costumes.

Wearing our cow costumes for Cow Appreciation Day at Chick fil A.

Carter opened his toy so he couldn't trade it in to get ice cream. Elise told him she'd trade her toy in and share her ice cream with him!

I thought Elise said she wanted to take a picture with the cow.

It turned out she actually said she wanted to take a picture of the cow.

So she took a picture of Carter with the cow.
It was so cute that they were all playing together!

Elise loves the parachute at storytime.

Elise wanted to try out Carter's bike on the way home.
7th Anniversary picture