Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Saw the splash pad by our house on so they had to play in it even fully clothed!

When you are separated for a whole hour during gymnastics class.

It's hard to eat ice cream with a sleeping baby on you.

National Ice Cream day!

I made Elise a color by shape picture to do while Carter worked in his workbook.

Elise tracing her name.

So Carter wanted to do one too.

Now they want me to make them special coloring pages all the time.

Finding his sight word and highlighting it in a book.

Making a story using past sight words.


  1. They did a good job biking up the hill! The church rummage sale bike was a good buy, wasn't it? I like Carter's Snowman book.

    1. Elise loves it! It's really nice that she has a real bike to ride now, that way she can keep up with Carter better. It was hard when he'd get really far ahead of us.