Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Messy Art Club at the library.

Elise not only wore her leotard, but also let me put her hair up. She sure looked like a gymnast!

Playing with the Dr. Dreadful kit Carter got for his birthday.

Eating zombie barf.

Ty was cleaning out the car and we looked over to find Carter had put his floaties on and pulled out his camp chair.

Checking out the Crawford County Historical Museum.

Carter transferred to a high backed booster and Elise got to turn to forward facing!

Got my free Blizzard!

I had to use the restroom while delivering a meal at a nursing home. I came out to find the kids playing the quiet game.

Lunch and ice cream for 6 people for under $20. Sam's for the win!

Wal-Mart pick up is the way to go when you have 5 kids and one of them falls asleep on the way to the store!

I love that Carter fell asleep snuggling a book!

Filling baggies to give out to homeless people because Carter wanted to give them something.

Playing school with all the kids.

Autumn and Elise at the reading center.

Chandler at word work while the rest were at reading.

Movie an popcorn time!

Carter went outside to look at birds and when I looked out the window he was laying in the dirt playing with a blade of grass.

Holding hands with my friend's son at the zoo.

Feeding the fish at the zoo.

Elise watching the otters at the zoo.

The giraffe had her baby a few days ago and we were so excited we got to see it!

My friend, Alicia, with the giraffes in the background.

The baby giraffe is hard to see. It's by the wood wall.

This goose ran over and grabbed Carter's food right out of his hand!

I was feeling generous and let the kids do the penny smash machine.

Watching the siamangs. Carter could have stayed there all day, he loved it!


  1. The picture of Ms Tanzy throws me. I keep thinking it's me at first.