Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Elise putting on makeup with her Gma.
Elise painting my toenails.

Snuggles after naptime.
Playing with a toy at the garage sale.
All the kids playing during the garage sale.
Carter wanted to nap in our bed.
Harper had to lay with her boy.
I was cracking up over Carter's outfit this day, he wore a tank top under his shirt so he'd have an undershirt like Ty.
Carter pretending the hammock was a chrysalis.
Carter and his friend were twin caterpillars in their chrysalis.
Elise found a baby and a bottle to play with at the garage sale.
Taking a nap in a box at the garage sale.
I left the room for a couple minutes and came back to find this.
Another one of Carter's goofy outfits!
Elise handing the librarian her summer reading program booklet.
Carter wanted to wear his sunglasses on his shirt like his Uncie J.
Elise loves washing her hands!
Checking out the komodo dragon in its new exhibit.
These reusable stickers from Oma and Opa have been a huge hit lately.
Carter got dressed and was really upset to find out it was hot out.
Carter dug all the money out of his piggy bank and asked me if he had enough for a doughnut so he had to go get doughnuts!
Storytime at the library.
I love her sweet curls so much!

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