Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Oma found Paw Patrol costumes at a garage sale and Carter was so pleased!
Jace is on the case!
Carter asking Chris Harris Jr. what his favorite book is.
Elise pushing Carter.
Super proud of their medals for the summer reading program!
Oma made chocolate muffins and Carter suggested putting whipped cream on them. They were delicious!
Listening to music at a Talking is Teaching event.
Elise thought she wanted to sleep with Carter until I left the room then she wanted in her bed.
Carter was so excited looking through this photo album from Oma and Opa's wedding.
Elise thought I needed more necklaces so I'd look pretty.
Ready to watch Megamind, the free kid movie of the week.
Carter was on tv!
I came out from putting Elise down and Carter was working on a special card for me.
Posing with the giraffes in his giraffe shirt.
Elise decided the meerkat needed a hug.
So Carter wanted to do it too.
Working on an activity sheet from Great Grandma Shupe.
Elise enjoyed the stickers Great Grandma Shupe sent.
I didn't realize until in the restroom at the library that Elise had colored some of her hair blue that morning.
Free smoothie day at Tropical Smoothie.

Carter's thing right now is posing like a statue. It's so funny!
Dr. Carter taking care of Gma's broken leg.