Monday, June 19, 2017

What Carter Says About His Opa

For Mother's Day I asked Carter some questions about his Oma and Gma so I thought it would be fun to ask him some questions about his Opa and Gpa for Father's Day. Here is what Carter said about his Opa in June 2017 at 4.5 years old:

What is something Opa always says to you?
Don't get dirty.

What makes your Opa happy?
By saying "I like you."

What makes your Opa sad?
By not giving him hugs and kisses.

How does your Opa make you laugh?
When he fake cries, like when I say silly stuff like "Your eye fell out," and he fake cries.

What was your Opa like as a child?
He cried and he peed his pants.

How old is your Opa?
He's 28.

How tall is your Opa?
He's tall as a T. Rex.

What is your Opa's favorite thing to do?
To grow plants.

What does your Opa do when you're not around?
He watches tv.

If your Opa becomes famous, what will it be for?
For cast kingdom.

What is your Opa really good at?
Painting with me.

What is your Opa not very good at?
Races, me races because he can't catch me.

What does your Opa do for a job?
He does stuff on the computer.

What is your Opa's favorite food?

What makes you proud of your Opa?
By doing races.

If your Opa were a character who would he be?
He would be Gekko because it's my favorite movie.

What do you and your Opa do together?
We play.

How are you and your Opa the same?
Because we both have pants.

How are you and your Opa different?
Because we have different color hair.

How do you know your Opa loves you?
Because he loves everything about me.

What does your Opa like most about you?
What he likes about me is how I play in flowers.

Where is your Opa's favorite place to go?
To my house.

How old was your Opa when you were born?


  1. Well, his Opa does love everything about him, and he does a lot of work on a computer. He's got some really good answers.

  2. He's really into everyone poohing and peeing, too. :)

    1. Haha, I know. I guess that's what he thinks babies do.