Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Nights

It's not officially summer yet but we are already loving these summer nights! Since it stays light later in the evening we've been going on a family walk almost every night. Carter will actually choose to go on a walk over watching tv in the evening. Most nights we walk to the playground by our house and play for a bit. One night I asked Carter if he wanted to ride his bike and we went on a bike ride that evening while Ty ran an errand with Elise. I wasn't prepared for how much faster he'd gotten on his bike since the last time we'd gone on a bike ride and ended up running over a mile in flip flops to keep up with him! Since then Carter has wanted to ride his bike more and more. When he's riding his bike Elise wants to ride hers too. I think it's pretty funny that such an independent little girl who wants to to most everything for herself has no interest in pedaling to make her bike move. She sits with her feet just hanging as I push her along. She has figured out that her handle bars steer the bike and finds it hilarious to make it swerve back and forth. I'm so glad we have the trike with tall handle bars for us to push! Along with it staying lighter in the evening it is also getting lighter earlier and I'm loving having sunshine on my morning runs! It makes it so much easier to get out for a run early when I'm not running in the pitch dark!
The first bike ride we'd gone on in a while, he has gotten fast!
Ironman and Ironwoman ready to go for a walk!
Pushing Elise in her trike.


  1. He is fast! And I'm surprised about Elise and the trike too.

    1. Isn't that funny, she just sits there dead as can be!😂