Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Quick Update on Jeremy: He had an appointment with his doctor today to discuss the seizure and what steps to take from here. Due to how quickly Jeremy recovered after his incident and the different symptoms of what happened to him, it was determined he did not have a seizure. His incident was actually due to vasovagal syncope which was caused by a sudden drop in heart rate and blood pressure. Ironically it was most likely due to the medication he is still on for seizures which can cause his blood pressure to drop during exercise. Trippers of vasovagal syncope are strain, stress, long periods of standing, and heat exposure which were all present when Jeremy passed out and rolled down the hill. We are thankful we know what happened and what the triggers are so he can combat it in the future. His doctor is having him weaned off his seizure medication which will help. Jeremy described how he felt right before it happened and said he'd felt that way on a run in the past and walked for a little bit before running again. Now he knows if he feels that way, even if he's in a race, he needs to walk! Good news that this will be easily treated, he can still drive, and it was not actually a seizure! Now on to pictures!
Carter wanted a picture with the z in front of the zoo.
Elise enjoying the grand opening of the Lost Kingdom exhibit at the zoo.
Getting tattoos at the zoo. Carter picked a komodo dragon and Elise chose a red panda.
Getting a tour of the zoo vet hospital.
This dog was running loose and Elise chased it around yelling "Zuma!"
Putting away the silverware.
Where's Elise?
There she is!
Carter got worn out and spent a considerable amount of time laying out in the sun on the fake grass.
Elise taking pictures while yelling, "Cheese," to everyone.
Ty working on the van.

Before the start of the Starry Night Fun Run.
Ty putting lights on the stroller before the 5k.
Carter was worn out after a busy day!
Fun trip to the kiddie pool.
Elise playing with a tea set at the pool.

Carter took this picture of Elise while we were in the car.

Some professional pictures from the race, came out later in the week.

Carter running Elise to the finish while carrying his ice cream.

Carter was shocked the van was gone. Ty took it in for repairs.

We've been driving the Honda and the kids love that they are close enough to hold hands.

Ready to watch Madagascar at the movie theaters for free along with free kid packs of popcorn!

Pretending to be penguins sliding on ice after the movie.

Now he's a waddling penguin.

Elise found kitty treats and ran back to the closet to find Skippy and feed them to him.

Carter got into the costumes and said he was dressed as a bad guy.

Aqua Tots at the aquarium.

Trying on what they wear when they dive in the shark tank.

Touching the horseshoe crab.

Elise climbed up by the shark statues and posed while saying cheese so I'd take a picture.


  1. I love Elise's swimsuit with the little skirt. The running pictures are awesome.

    1. I love that too, that's why I took so many pictures of her in it! Didn't you buy it for her?