Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What Carter Says About His Gpa

For Mother's Day I asked Carter some questions about his Oma and Gma so I thought it would be fun to ask him some questions about his Opa and Gpa for Father's Day. Here is what Carter said about his Gpa in June 2017 at 4.5 years old:
What is something Gpa always says to you?
Thank you!

What makes your Gpa happy?
Playing games.

What makes your Gpa sad?
When I get mad at him.

How does your Gpa make you laugh?
By playing the monster game.

What was your Gpa like as a child?
He liked fruit.

How old is your Gpa?

How tall is your Gpa?

What is your Gpa's favorite thing to do?
To play.

What does your Gpa do when you're not around?
He lays in the camping trace, that thing that's hanged up on the two trees (he means the hammock).

If your Gpa becomes famous, what will it be for?
Doing stuff that should do.

What is your Gpa really good at?

What is your Gpa not very good at?
Catching me

What does your Gpa do for a job?
He works.

What is your Gpa's favorite food?
Mac and cheese

What makes you proud of your Gpa?
Winning stuff

If your Gpa were a character who would he be?
Curious George because it's my favorite movie.

What do you and your Gpa do together?
We play funny jokes.

How are you and your Gpa the same?
Because we both have tails. (laughs) Because we both have butts.

How are you and your Gpa different?
Because we don't have the same color hairs.

How do you know your Gpa loves you?
Because he always does stuff with me.

What does your Gpa like most about you?
He likes that I'm good at reading.

Where is your Gpa's favorite place to go?
To my house.

How old was your Gpa when you were born?


  1. What the heck-no poohing or peeing?

    1. I re-worded it a bit and said when he was your age. That seemed to help.