Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday Randoms

I have to state the obvious that Carter has impeccable fashion sense. Now that he dresses himself I laugh at his clothing choices on the daily. A staple of his wardrobe right now? A turkey stocking cap! He is so hilarious! He very excitedly goes into his room and comes to me with arms full telling me all the clothing items he is carrying. He'll say, "Got shirt, pants, socks, shoes, hat!" More often than not I'll say, "What about undies?" Which sends him running to his room to fetch a pair. Today he chose fuzzy Elmo socks, thank goodness the high is only 90 degrees! Even so I have a feeling he may be regretting that choice by the end of the day!
This morning Carter wanted to run from the house with Harper rather than run at the park and then play. Normally I strap him into the stroller but I forgot once and since then he occasionally requests to not be strapped in. This morning he wanted me to leave him unstrapped so he could watch Harper, the slacker tends to run behind the stroller. I agreed and didn't think much of it. Then about half a mile from home Harper ran on the opposite side of a speed limit sign as we did and bam the stroller tipped over (I attach her leash to the handle of the stroller). Elise was fine because she was strapped in but Carter slid on the ground getting strawberries on his knee and face. I ran to him and pulled him up from under the stroller and then pulled the stroller upright. He was more scared than hurt. It was so scary and I was shaking, trying not to cry as I consoled him. I was impressed by the response of people nearby. A man driving by stopped to check on us, a man sitting on his porch rushed over, and a woman who heard Carter crying came out of her house and walked over to check on us. It took a while to get Carter to calm down but once he did he agreed he should always be strapped into the stroller. Little miss was so unaffected by the experience she fell asleep on the way home! I hate that the whole ordeal could have been prevented by not taking Harper with us and/or by having Carter strapped in. Lesson learned!
I guess he wasn't too traumatized since he cheesed when I asked him if I could take a picture of his ouchies.


  1. Yeah, it's nice to have him unbuckled, but you never know. He does have a bike helmet if he ever wants to go unstrapped again. :) Very cute clothes choices!

    1. The main reason why I wasn't too worried is because when he is buckled in he pulls his arms through so the only part that is restraining him is the lap belt. I'm sure even that would have helped yesterday though.