Friday, August 14, 2015

Carter Update

How has it been another month already? I swear time keeps going by faster and faster! With each month Carter grows up just a little bit more and is even more fun in little ways. We had an awesome month! I've been seeing back to school posts on Facebook and am again so thankful that is not me! I get a whole school year home with Carter, and this time Elise, again!

The biggest thing this month has been potty training! At the end of last month he started to take off with it and he has been so successful this month! As long as I have him go before we leave the house and make sure to check with him at regular intervals while we're out he can be out and about all morning with no accidents. At first he didn't like going potty on the adult toilets in public, but we conquered that beast in just a few days! He still has accidents occasionally, usually at the playground or somewhere else where he's too busy playing to notice he needs to go. Yesterday I watched my friend's 4 kids for her and Carter had multiple accidents. Not sure if it was because there were so many kids around or because I let him have some juice because they had some and he chugged it all morning in excitement. It has been so nice to cut out diapers for him and I get so excited every time he goes potty!

Bedtime shenanigans have been in full force this month. He has gotten better lately but there for a while he really fought bedtime. He'd come up with all kinds of excuses to stay up later or get me to come back in his room. He needed tucked back in, he needed a drink, he was sick, his teeth hurt, I missed him when I gave him a kiss. Sometimes he'd just lay and cry that he wanted to play with my hair, yes he still does that! When we stay at my parents' house Carter has a deal worked out with my dad where he sleeps in the crib and my dad lays in the big boy bed in the room until Carter falls asleep, or Opa falls asleep and I come up to get him. I started having to set a 15 minute timer and going up to get my dad because he'd fall asleep up there and never come down!

His sense of humor cracks me up! He loves to make up silly stories and then say, "just joking!" Pretty much anything that makes me laugh he'll do over and over. He also loves to make Elise smile. Anytime she smiles at him he'll excitedly say, "Sissy smiled! Sissy smiled at me!" He will go to great lengths to get her to smile and will tickle her saying "dee dee dee dee." He also likes to help take care of her, strapping her in her car seat or the stroller. His favorite is when she watches him help me took dinner. He loves to help cook and does at least a little bit every night. He also likes to help set the table. I'll ask him to get certain things out of the fridge and set them on the table for dinner.
Chomping me with the alligator.

Mister man likes to dress himself. He'll go into his room and pick out his clothes. He'll open the drawers and pull clothes out on his own. They typically don't match, but who cares. Then he'll get dressed mostly by himself. I sit back and wait until he asks for help because if I offer to help he gets upset. Most days he accidentally gets both feet in the same leg hole and then has to try again. He also usually gets one of his arms through the head hole. When he gets dressed he'll tell me, "I'm getting dressed up. I'm dressing up for when daddy comes home." It doesn't matter what time of day it is. He even says that first thing in the morning. Today while I was in the shower he was walking around undressing himself. He gets his footy pajamas off all the way to his feet and then walks around kicking his feet until the come all the way off. Then when I got out of the shower he went into his room telling me he was going to get dressed. I asked him if he needed any help and he said no. Then he appeared back in my room totally naked with all of his clothes picked out. He had underwear, shorts, a shirt, socks, shoes, and a hat. I was cracking up and he was so proud to wear his turkey hat.
Putting his shorts on all by himself.

His favorite new game to play is exercising. He is so funny. He'll do random stretches or moves and say, "Mommy, look, I'm exercising!" One day it was standing on a loose rock while rocking back and forth. Another day it was putting his feet on the incline of a tree root while doing calf raises. Yesterday we met Ty at the trails to run and while Ty did pull ups on some exercise equipment they have there Carter played on the other equipment. He had a blast. He'd do some exercises and then take off down the trail running and come back to do more exercises. The boy loves to be active!

Yesterday I watched Carter's friend, Landon, along with his 3 siblings. Carter had a blast although he was super overstimulated being one of 6 kids in the house! Afterward he kept talking about how Landon was his best friend. Then he'd say, and Hayden! He is such a sweet boy and loves his friends! He was digging through my dresser drawer and found a container of senior pictures I have that friends gave me in high school. He found a picture of Erin and asked where Hayden was. He also found one of Thomas and correctly identified him. I was impressed on both accounts.

Carter continues to be an awesome, awesome, awesome big brother (couldn't help myself, he has a shirt that says that). When Elise is crying in the car he'll sing to her. He asks to hold her and will tell me I can leave the room, he's got it. He likes to get in her crib with her and unfortunately likes to have her suck his fingers. He's constantly talking about when she's bigger what she can do with him. One day he looked at her and said, "Sissy keeps getting bigger, bigger, bigger." It was cute, but don't remind me she's getting big! He likes to hold her foot and make cooing and baby noises at her while they are riding in the stroller together. His favorite is when she sits in her Bumbo. He likes to hand her toys and gets so excited when she grabs them. Last night he handed her a balled up taco wrapper and when she grabbed it he said, "Good job, sissy! Good girl!" It was adorable. I know they will be the best of friends as they get older.

It has been another amazing month with the sweetest little boy I know. I'm looking forward to another fun month home with my two sweeties!


  1. Very sweet boy! And Elise looks very happy to be in the pictures and then very concerned about being moved around. :)