Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

She's always grabbing her shirts or dressed and pulling them up!
He still plays with my hair when he's tired.
At the garden for Storytime in the Garden.
He wrote his name in the sand and it actually looked like his name!
Elise loves holding and trying to turn the pages when we read.
Elise rolled over until she was right against Harper.


In the news truck during the library's Touch a Truck event.
In the ambulance during the library's Touch a Truck event.
Talking to an EMT during the library's Touch a Truck event.
Checking out the ambulance equipment during the library's Touch a Truck event.
Inside a Scooby Doo van during the library's Touch a Truck event.

The police helicopter may have been Carter's favorite during the library's Touch a Truck event.

In a police car during the library's Touch a Truck event.
Coloring at an easel in the library.
Reading one of the books we picked out at the library.
Silly face!
Side tracked while taking Harper on a walk.
Elise's new thing is to grab and hold her car seat cover.

I tried to talk Carter into getting into the stroller but he said he was just resting...
My dinner helpers!
Carter showing Elise a toy to play with.
Just like his daddy, he accidentally knocked he tray off.
Carter was so proud that he had helped make dinner.
He found a roly poly and asked me to take a picture for his Gma and Gpa because they have them in their garage. It was so cute! After I took the picture he thanked me.
Enjoying some Dip N Dots at the waterpark with Uncie Taco.

Trying out the new cover for the wagon I got for my birthday.

Carter loves holding Bobbie!

Enjoying an outdoor concert on my parents' anniversary.

Carter enjoying the music.

She really reached so she could play with Carter's ball.

Making his grocery list.

The best running buddies you could ever have!
Carter wanted to take pictures of Harper.
Then he wanted me in the picture.

When we got to the aquarium he climbed up by the shark statue and posed without me asking!

I snuck Elise in the picture.

Elise loved the jellyfish. They were also Carter's favorite for a long time.
Carter wanted to hold Elise so she could see the sting rays.

We got to watch the beavers eat.
Harper jumped up so she could walk behind Carter.

Carter made the train track all by himself!

Elise rolled to her tummy while asleep.
It made me nervous, but she looked so cute!
It was so cute to see her lifting her head and looking out the slats when she woke up!

Harper watching over Elise while she slept.
Drawing in the dirt.

Carter decided he wanted to pull the wagon.
Elise watching the jelly fish.
Such a good big brother!
Carter and Uncie Taco at the concert.


  1. Carter did look tired in the picture where he played with your hair. And Harper looked cute in all the pictures. Elise sure started being more active and engaged.

  2. And the truck theme really was perfect for him!

    1. It was and it was great bc he'd already seen most of the trucks at Every Hero Has a Truck each week so he knew about them and loved the chance to see them all at once.