Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

I was feeling brave and took Carter on a hike with Harper while I wore Elise. It was a lot of fun!
Pretending to be an elephant in her bath towel from Auntie Ang.
Elise playing at one of our playdates.
Carter had a blast during our playdate.
Elise trying out the rocking toy with Carter at the playground.
Carter loved the peaches Gma and Gpa brought for him.
This shows the size of the peach that he completely demolished.
Skippy was cracking me up. He loves Ty so much!
She is so proud that she can get her feet now.
Excited that we let him ride into the driveway in the car with Gma.
It's the Elise face!
Carter loves his circus bobble heads Gma and Gpa got him.
He said he had a beard like Uncie Taco (Uncie Taco is hairy but doesn't have a full beard)
From Gma's camera.
From Gma's camera.
Playing with pet surprises.
He has moved up to toothpaste he has to spit out and does a great job!
Dressing his cookie doll.
Oma and Opa bought him new shoes and he was desperate to try them out even though they were way too big. I let him wear them for one day before putting them up for later.
Doing exercises at the trails with daddy.
Comparison photo at 5 months, Carter on the left and Elise on the right.
I wanted to get a picture with her head turned for a better comparison.
She's just so sweet and social I couldn't for the life of me get her to look away from me.
Finally Carter stepped in and stood next to the chair so she'd look at him.
But she still wanted to look at me!
Carter was acting all crazy to get her attention and got this face, cracked me up!
Playing together at the Children's Museum while Carter played.
Picnic at the park outside the Children's Museum.
We had the exact same food but here's Carter trying to steal my sandwich, wild man!
I can't believe she wakes up this happy. I love my happy girl!
Sister loves to read and especially loves to turn the pages.
Elise's first time in a swing.
Carter wanted to take his bobble heads when we walked to Uncie J's house.


  1. Very cute. You always woke up happy, too. Carter was playing very nicely with Mr Jones. And that wasn't a peach, that was some mutant huge fruit! It looked delicious!

    1. They were huge peaches and he absolutely loved them!