Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Carter and Landon playing together.

Elise is getting excited for football season to start!

Timmy and Carter playing with Elise.

Carter pulling Autumn in the wagon.

Carter and Chandler playing with Elise.

Carter exercising with daddy.

Wendy's treat lunch with a coupon from the Summer Reading Program.

Carter loves to hike!

He made a birthday cake.

Carter got tired toward the end of our hike.

Elise with 2 of her rockin uncles!

Carter wanted in the picture.

Checking out the naked mole rats at the zoo.

She fell asleep nursing and was holding my cover up so I snuck her into the stroller with it.

He didn't have any accidents at the zoo so he got to ride the carousel.

Carter saw Elise's socks before I pulled them down and said she looked like a pirate!

We went up to the school to help and Carter saw a little girl getting her picture by the penguin so he wanted one by it too.

Making his own breakfast, oatmeal with honey and blueberries.

We had so much fun rolling the ball back and forth. Elise liked to reach for it.

Naptime together.
She looks so sweet sleeping in our bed.

When I woke up Harper and Skippy were in bed with us. It was quite the nap crew.

One of his outfit choices. I couldn't talk him out of the flip flops and they didn't last long.

Showing sissy his outfit.

Less than a quarter mile from home and he'd had it with the flip flops.

Elise trying a little bit of sweet potato.

Sweet little skirt!

We had our first blanket run today. 64 degrees felt so cold after 90+ most days!

Naps with sissy.

Carter and Landon playing cars.


  1. So sweet watching them try food for the first time. She sure 'chews'! Love watching Carter run. Gma

    1. She seems to really like food but we're taking it slow. Just one food per week to introduce her a little bit since she doesn't actually need it yet. Carter is so funny, isn't he?!

  2. Very cute pictures. In the first bunch, Elise is laughing and smiling until you're reading the book, and then she looks like she's really concentrating on a mystery. Carter walks like he has a purpose, and knows where he's going.

    1. He loves being in front, choosing the path, and leading the way!

  3. For me the video between Carter cleaning up after himself and feeding Elise was private and I couldn't see it.

    1. At the very end you could kind of see Carter's privates so after I uploaded it I set it to private in case I forgot and put it on the blog. Good thing because I did forget. Thanks for telling me, I'll take it down! I'll send it to you, it's pretty cute!