Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Elise's first ride straight in the stroller instead of in her car seat.

Watching his show he got to pick out at the library, Thomas the Train Christmas!

Carter loves to hold Elise's leg or foot and talk to her while I run now that she's in the stroller. Love it!

Panera date with free coupons on the way to the zoo.

I tried to convince Carter to sit with Elise, but no luck. At the zoo.

Kind of artsy picture Carter took from the stroller.

She grabs and holds whatever body part is the most accessible, she's not picky!

Carter has a sticker book from Oma to make faces on dinosaurs and had fun with it on our drive.

Fun in the car on the way to Oma and Opa's house.

Quinn escaped so I caught her and attached her to Harper's leash.

I was calling this the lazy Opa photo, Carter has both dogs' leashes!

Sitting with Brylee at her birthday party.

They were just chatting away.

He was really watching her open presents.

Swimming at Brylee's birthday party.

I dipped Elise's toes into the pool so she could watch Carter.

Elise made a friend at the party.

Hugging good bye, Carter snuck a kiss.

Laying down for a nap, Elise was upset she was tired not that there was a cat next to her.

Carter wanted to unbuckle Elise for me so I let him try.

He wasn't successful but he got lots of smiles!

Carter took this one!

Building at the Children's Museum.


We had a picnic lunch and Carter wanted to make a face on his sandwich like he's seen his Opa do.

She looks so little in our bed!

Both ready to read on the way home from the library.

Carter wanted to take Big Al on our run with us.

I ran too far out so we walked a little ways home.

Headed home from the doctor's office for her well check, she got shots.

Shots make a girl sleepy!


  1. Great pictures!! Gma

  2. It was funny to see Elise with her eyes shut in a picture since she's normally almost bug eyed. And it looks like Carter is liking his PFD thing. Cute pictures and video as always.

    1. The kids today were laughing about how her eyes are always bugged out.