Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Randoms

I have a confession to make. I like getting up in the middle of the night with Elise. They are some of the only moments where I get to truly sit down and do nothing but enjoy nursing her. When she's done eating I lift her up so her body is pressed into my chest and her head is resting on my shoulder. She falls into such a heavy sleep after eating that she just melts into me. I feel like I could hold her like that forever and I want to but I know morning is coming. With Carter I liked getting up in the middle of the night because it gave me a few more precious moments with the baby I was going to have to pass off to someone else in the morning. I was surprised when I felt the same way about Elise. This time because those moments tend to be the only ones that include just me and her. It also helps that she smiles up at me so happily the moment she sees my face. Don't get me wrong, I would also love to sleep all night long. It would be glorious. I just don't mind the waking up. I never regret staying awake a few extra minutes to snuggle my sweet girl after she's passed into a milk coma. At Elise's 4 month appointment the doctor asked how she was sleeping and when I told him she usually wakes up only once but had randomly been waking up 2-3 times that week he responded with, "Oh no" and then looking at Elise said, "Mommy loves you but does not like you right now." And while I was tired and more than a little sleep deprived I smiled just to be nice because I did not agree. I like seeing her in the middle of the night and will happily greet her until she no longer needs that nourishment. By the way, we tried feeding her at dinner to see if she sleeps better with food along with milk in her belly and it didn't work.
These over the shoulder snuggles are the best!

Am I the only person sad to see summer go? Everyone's all excited for fall, for pumpkins and sweaters and soup. I'm over here like, don't go summer! Maybe it's because we had a pretty mild summer. It seemed like only weeks in the hundreds and above rather than months! I love the splash pad and sno cones and ice cream. I love more hours of daylight and the summer reading program. I love sidewalk chalk and bubbles. I think in part because when I still worked it was my time home with Carter there's just something magical about summer. What I won't miss is the hoard of mosquitoes in our backyard which have kept us from playing in it. But honestly we've been too busy and out and about to spend much time at all in our yard. I am looking forward to a fall learning theme. It was one of my favorites we've done so far!
The first day of fall last year.
I am so ready for days like this one, Carter's first trip to a pumpkin patch last year!
But I'll miss the splash pad.
And picnics at the park.
When Ty's mom comes to visit she takes over bath time. She loves it and it's special time for her and the kids. While she was visiting I had a dream she came out of the bathroom after bathing Elise and said, "I forgot to ask, am I supposed to comb her hair or style it." It was one of those dreams where I woke up giggling. There is no styling going on around here. Sister is bald. Baldy, bald, bald. I still giggle when I think about it. It doesn't help that she also appears to be blonde so what is there isn't very noticeable. After she gets a bath her hair sticks up in the back and I crack up because she looks silly. Then I'll tell Ty he needs to style sister's hair. That dream really tickled my funny bone!
Little Miss Baldy!

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