Thursday, May 9, 2013

Where's the Noise At?

So that beeping noise that I mentioned here, we still haven’t found the source.  I assumed it was our smoke detector.  When I discovered that wasn’t it I half-heartedly searched for what was responsible for the noise.  When I hadn’t figured it out in 30 minutes I decided whatever it was probably had batteries and the batteries would eventually die.  That was on Wednesday.  Four days later the sound was still going strong.  I guess that rules out the bomb theory.  Surely it would have blown up by now, right?

Last night Ty decided he had had enough of the noise.  He went on a rampage trying to figure out where it was coming from.  He, like I had, initially thought it was the smoke detector and then a game inside our game basket.  He proceeded to pull both game baskets out, open each game, and check timers or other objects in the box that may make noise.  I walked by as he opened the box to “Taboo”, found the buzzer, quickly opened the back, and groaned in disappointment when he saw there were no batteries in it.

Do you hear it over there?!!?
When I told my brother, Thomas, about the beeping, he said, "Don't tell Ty, he'll use that as an excuse to tear all the walls down."  He wasn't far off!  Ty took a break from his search and then the next thing I knew he had a broom and was using it to rip something off the wall.  Right as he was pulling the wire out of the wall we heard the beep come from a different section of the kitchen.  Ty quickly moved to that area of the kitchen and decided it was very possible Skippy had taken something into his kitty litter box, so he cleaned it.  Still no luck.
Pulling a wire out of the wall.

Next he moved over to riffle through Harper’s dog toy box.  There was nothing in there making noise.  Carter and I watched as he pulled a chair across the room, under the air vent, and listened.  Again the beep sounded, but not from where he was. 

Listening for the beep coming from the ceiling.
He never found the sound that night.  The next day he opened a drawer in our corner table and discovered our old smoke detector just beeping away.  
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