Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day

The Mother's Day card Carter made for his grandmas and great grandmas, well and me because I had to have one too!
Mother’s Day started with a surprise for me on Friday.  Ty picked Carter up from daycare to take him to the doctor at 11 and returned him to daycare in time for me to see him at noon for lunch like usual.  As I opened the door to the nursing room I noticed something was in the chair.  I was surprised because I know I’m the only person who uses the room.  Then it crossed my mind something may have been left there for me.  As I got closer I recognized Ty’s handwriting on a bag in the chair.

I had told Ty I really wanted a membership to the aquarium so I could take Carter over the summer.  He had gotten me a membership and a stuffed otter from the gift shop.  When I called to tell him I got the surprise he said he had wanted to get a seahorse (they are my favorite animal at the aquarium) but they were all girly and Carter had liked the otter the best.

Carter really does love the otter.  The only problem is that he'll rip it's hair out and stick it in his mouth!
It was so sweet and such a huge surprise.  Ty loves to surprise me and couldn’t resist the chance to do so by getting me something I had asked for but giving it to me on a different day.  He is always thinking of ways to make things even more special.
This present awaited me at daycare!
When I picked Carter up from daycare I was again surprised.  His teachers had helped him make me a card and a gift which were both wrapped very cute.  It was so much fun to get items made by Carter.
My mom had to explain that his little thumbprints were grapes.  Makes so much sense now!
Friday evening my friend, Erin, and her husband were in town for a concert and we got to eat dinner together and they spent the night.  It was so much fun to see them, hear all about Hayden, and show off Carter’s handiwork.

The back of the heart has his thumbprints together in the shape of a heart.

Saturday morning Ty made us all breakfast and then they left for home and we headed to visit my mom and grandma.  My grandma enjoyed watching Carter and even played with him a little bit.  When she got tired we headed out.  We got a Dairy Queen ice cream cake for Mother’s Day, had Ty’s award-winning chili for dinner, and then enjoyed the cake. 
Three Generations of moms together for Mother's Day.
I’m glad I was surprised with Mother’s Day gifts on Friday and then enjoyed the day Saturday with my mom and grandma because I woke up feeling horrible on Sunday.  I ended up taking a long afternoon nap with Carter, going to Urgent Care, and then sleeping most of the drive home.  With all the surprises and the time spent with family, my first Mother’s Day was a great one!

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