Friday, May 3, 2013

Our Grammysitter

Carter got to spend Tuesday and Wednesday at home with his grammy.  They had such a wonderful time.  They played, read books, and spent quite a bit of time outside.  Grammy even led Carter in some exercises to prepare him for sitting up.
Playing in the jumperoo with grammy.
I also loved our arrangement with grammysitting.  It was so much easier to leave Carter at home to go to work knowing his grammy was with him.  It especially helped since Carter was sick.  I knew he had one-on-one attention and if he started not feeling well his grammy would cuddle him to calm him.

It also resulted in more time with Carter.  Since I didn’t have to drive to daycare I could leave 20 minutes later in the morning which meant extra time to cuddle, read, and play.  Doesn’t sound like much, but 20 minutes is priceless in the life of a working momma.  
Napping with grammy.
My mom was sweet enough to bring Carter up to school for my lunchtime.  Instead of seeing Carter for 15-20 minutes during lunch due to driving to and from daycare, I got to spend 40 minutes with him.  That meant another extra 20 minutes with Carter.  Not to mention extra time with my mom! 

Harper was sad grammy wasn't taking her too.
During the day mom sent me pictures of my precious baby.  What a sweet surprise to receive a picture of Carter through text.  We were both very sad to see grammy go!  Hopefully she will get the chance to visit again.
Sweet picture I got while a work!

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