Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's a Wonderful Day!

I have a feeling I'm going to be saying this all summer long, but today was such an amazing day.  It was a day filled with laughing which filled my heart with love.  It all started while I was rocking Carter after his morning feeding.  Skippy jumped up in my lap to snuggle with us.  He's normally a bit skittish when it comes to Carter, so it was a pleasant surprise.

As I was getting dressed to go for a run I put Carter on the bed.  He loves to lay in the middle of the bed and stare up at the fan.  Harper and Skippy started playing.  I took a video, but just missed Skippy jumping onto the bed on top of Harper.  It is so funny to see them playing!
If the video doesn't work, watch it on youtube here.

Carter practiced sitting up with the help of the Boppy.  He did really well, but got tired toward the end.  It's hard to imagine him sitting up all on his own without the help of the Bumbo or Boppy.  I know he will be very soon!
Yesterday Ty got Carter's high chair out of the garage.  I put it together today and Carter got to eat dinner at the table with us.  I made him bananas again and he loved them.  He's getting the hang of eating food.  When he sees the spoon coming he opens his mouth wide.  He looked like such a big boy sitting there.  I could almost hear him saying, "Mommy, more food!"
Originally we were going to go to the aquarium with Erin and her son, Hayden, but he came down with strep throat.  Our day wasn't special like a trip to the aquarium, but I loved every minute of it.  Now Carter is sleeping, probably with a finger or two or few in his mouth.
He hooked himself!

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