Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Those Perfect Moments

Yesterday was one of those evenings that was just perfect.  It was 80 degrees and I was dying to get Carter home to play outside.  My parents found these adorable overall shorts at a garage sale and I couldn’t wait to put them on him.  We had also bought him sunglasses this past weekend and I was thrilled to try them out.
Adorable new overalls!
When we first arrived home I sat down to feed Carter.  As he was eating he would look up at me, get distracted, and stop eating to smile at me.  He was being one heck of a ham!  I loved it and couldn’t stop laughing.  I grabbed my camera as we went into his room for a diaper change because I had a feeling with how smiley he was I may hear a giggle.  I didn’t get my hopes up because I’ve been waiting for that giggle for over a month now!

Every time I change Carter’s diaper I bend down and kiss all over his roly poly thighs.  This time I did that as usual, but Carter squealed.  He was squealing and cooing the entire time I kissed his thighs, so I kept doing it.  Then it happened.  All of the sudden he laughed.  It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard.  I tried to get him to do it again so I could take a video for you all, but he didn’t do it again.  I was able to get a video of his laugh today.  I couldn't hold my phone as I bounced him, so I balanced it in between the slats of his crib.  Sorry for the lack of good video footage, but it's all about the audio on this one!

If the video isn't working, view it on youtube by clicking on the link below.
Youtube Video

After attempting to get him to laugh for an extremely long time, I rounded up bubbles, Carter’s sunglasses, a few books, Carter’s bumbo, and outside we went.  Carter wasn’t too interested in the bubbles, but had a blast looking around and checking everything out.  I just couldn’t stop giggling at how adorable he looked in his bumbo.  

I am so excited for summer when we will have all day to have moments like these.  Only 11 days of school left!


  1. It's funny to see him look so serious, and I loved hearing him laugh!! Dad is going to it now, since he heard it.

    1. I have watched the video so many times! I love it!!!!