Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Letter to Carter at 5 Months

 I swear I enjoy you more every day.  This month has been such a fun one!  You laughed for the first time and unlike smiling have done it quite a few times since.  The first time you smiled at me, you didn’t do it again for weeks!  The reason why you laughed the first time was because I was kissing all over your thighs.  You have also laughed because I was bouncing you.  You are quite the smiley boy now, you smile all the time and at almost anything.  
With Gerald the Giraffe.
Your favorite toys are Gerald the Giraffe, Sophie, books, and your multi-colored stick/ball toy (I don’t know how else to describe it, I will have to share a picture).  Harper also loves Gerald and if I forget to put him back in your room in the morning, I will find him strewn about on the floor somewhere with puppy slobber on him when we get home in the evening.

Playing with the stick/ball toy.
You also LOVE your hands.  You have become an expert at self-soothing.  If you are upset, pop, that thumb goes in your mouth!  If I’m getting ready to feed you and you’re really hungry, you get that thumb, and suck it like there’s no tomorrow.  You also suck your whole fist or other fingers at your leisure.  When you are upset, it’s always the thumb!  I’ve even seen you suck both thumbs at the same time!

Always getting that hand!
It’s just a matter of time before you discover your feet.  When you are on the changing table you like to pull your legs up to your tummy and then you reach out and grab your knees.  I can just see you grabbing ahold of those feet and I know the first place they will go, straight to your mouth!

You are starting to get more hair.  It’s getting longer on the top of your head and filling in everywhere else.  Before we joked you had old man hair because the top of your head was bald and you just had a ring of hair around the side and back of your head.  When I see other babies your age I laugh that your daddy and I are so excited about “how much hair you have now” because they all have WAY more hair than you!

After your 4 month appointment we started trying solid foods with you.  We haven’t been super consistent with it.  We just do it a few times a week.  You get a solid in the evening after your 5:00 nursing and then you nurse again afterward.  So far you have tried: sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, and peas.  I have tried each one too.  I want to know what I’m feeding you and I just have to say the peas were NASTY!  You did just fine eating them though.  I would say what food I think is your favorite, but I’m not sure if I just think that because it’s what I liked best.  You seem to really like sweet potatoes, but who knows since that was my favorite.

You are sitting up really well in your Bumbo.  You are able to hold your head up and look around now.  When you are lying down, I’ll grab your hands and help you sit up.  You can do that really well!  I’ll prop you up and let go for a couple seconds and always catch you as you begin to topple over.  I can’t believe you’ll be sitting up all on your own soon.

Look at that neck control!
You are sleeping really well.  Some nights you sleep all the way from midnight to 7am.  Other nights you wake up once at 4am.  Then nights like last night you get up 3-4 times.  You move around a lot in your sleep.  Mostly as you are falling asleep or right after you fall asleep.  This morning I went in to check on you and found you peacefully sleeping on your belly.  I was shocked!  Normally when you roll onto your belly you scream and I have to go in to roll you over.  I really don’t like the idea of you sleeping on your tummy, so I hope you don’t do that regularly.  I’m guessing it’s not as big of a deal since you can roll onto your belly on your own.

Sleeping on your tummy.
This month you got an ear infection.  It was so sad and broke my heart.  You were such a sweet boy all day long and then night would come and you were miserable, crying, and screaming.  The infection didn’t clear up with antibiotics so you had to get shots which cleared it up, thankfully.  It was in your left ear.  I really hope you don’t have to deal with one of those again!

At daycare you still LOVE Ms. Tracie and Ms. Kim.  They both say you are always such a good boy.  You still love sitting in the chair they can snap you into.  They will give you little stuffed animals with rattles inside them.  You love to hold onto them and suck on the tags.  You also enjoy the circle mat surrounded with triangles and mirrors.  You are such a people watcher, just like your mommy and grampy!  You enjoy watching the other kids play.  One little girl loves to come over to you when you are in your chair and rock you and you just smile at her!

Your favorite toys at daycare.
Your favorite things at home are smiling and laughing.  You still love talking with me and daddy, watching Harper, and reading .  You enjoy being outside a lot more now that you have sunglasses.  Riding in your stroller or being carried around outside are both things you really enjoy.

All the sudden at the end of this month you totally switched your opinion of tummy time.  When you are on your back, you quickly either roll to your side or your tummy.  When I was taking your month pictures I had a hard time getting one of you on your back because you just kept rolling to your tummy.  Daddy says you get that from me because I love sleeping on my tummy.  Not gonna lie, I was stoked to sleep on my tummy again the night after you were born!

Your jumperoo is a favorite toy.  It really shows how much you have grown!  When I first got it out, you stood on your tippy toes.  Now you are flat footed and can really bend your knees and bounce!  Your favorite things to do in it are to watch the lights, move the beads, grab the string with the rattle on the end, or turn the pages of the book.

We didn’t have a doctor’s appointment this month so I measured and weighed you myself.  According to our scale at home you weigh 16 pounds, 3 ounces.  The last time we were at the doctor’s office a little over a week ago you weighed 15 pounds, 12 ounces.  So I’m saying you weigh 16 pounds.  You are now 26 inches long!

You still wear size 2 diapers.  You have outgrown your 3 month jammies and now wear 6 and 9 month jammies!  You fit the best in 3-6 month clothes, but also fit into some 6-9 month clothes.  Our favorite outfit is your yellow and white striped pants with your turtle onesie.  It is one of the first outfits we got.  Your grammy and grampy bought them for you before we knew whether you were a girl or a boy.  You look so handsome in them that  your grammy keeps buying you yellow clothing.

Our favorite outfit this month.
From Daddy:

Smiles, smiles and smiles! I love how generous you are with your smiles. It warms your mother’s and my hearts. You also can pick out our voices, turn to look at us across the room and smile. You are so happy and easy going all the time; unless you’re hungry (you get that from me I think). 

You are also quite attached to your giraffe, Gerald. I can bring him into your view and your eyes light up, you smile and reach for him. It if fun watching you become attached to these things, especially when they brighten up your day.

Everyone who spends any time around you always comments on how laid back you are. Just this weekend, your mom, I, Uncle Jeremy, Uncle Thomas, and Grandpa Hurford ran the Warrior Dash. Since we were all signed up, we decided that your mom and I would run after everyone else so that they could watch you. Your Uncle Jeremy finished first and came right over to us. Always confident with you, your mom and I were able to head to our start time. Once we were finished, all three of them assured us that you quietly sat and watched your surroundings, happy as can be.

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