Monday, May 6, 2019

What the Kids Say About Their Gma

I love this Mother's Day tradition of asking the kids questions about their grandmas. It's so cute to hear their responses. Read what they said about Gma last year here and what Carter said about his Gma in 2017 here. Below are the kids' answers about their Gma in 2019 at almost 6.5 years old (Carter) and just over 4 years old (Elise).

What is something Gma always says to you?
Carter: Good morning.  
Elise: Nice words like you're so beautiful and helpful.

What makes your Gma happy?
Carter: When I hug her.  
Elise: When I do good stuff like show her big tricks.

What makes your Gma sad?
Carter: Whenever I don't get up and play with her. 
Elise: When I don't be nice and I don't be helpful and I scream at her. 

How does your Gma make you laugh?

Carter: She tickles me. 
Elise: By making funny faces.

What was your Gma like as a child?
Carter: She was nice to everyone. 
Elise: She liked balls.

How old is your Gma?

Carter: 15 
Elise: 7 I think. My Gma is so special.

How tall is your Gma?

Carter: As tall as an elephant, actually no, as tall as her. 
Elise: Super tall.

What is your Gma's favorite thing to do?
Carter: Play with me. 
Elise: Love me.

What does your Gma do when you're not around?

Carter: She goes into her office and works. 
Elise: She makes pictures.

If your Gma becomes famous, what will it be for?
Carter: For being rich. 
Elise: With a pink thing that's a circle and you open it up like this. (I think she means an LOL Surprise).

What is your Gma really good at?

Carter: Making me happy. 
Elise: Practicing dancing.

What is your Gma not very good at?

Carter: Playing at basketball. 
Elise: Bouncing on a ball on one foot and elephants on her.

What does your Gma do for a job?

Carter: I don't know.
Elise: She goes to work and makes stuff.

What is your Gma's favorite food?

Carter: Fruit! 
Elise: Everything like mac and cheese!

What makes you proud of your Gma?
Carter: Doing stuff that she's never done. 
Elise: That she's happy. 

If your Gma was a character, who would she be?
Carter: Curious George because she's curious.  
Elise: She would always be Gma, mommy!

What do you and your Gma do together?
Carter: Watch a movie at morning time. 
Elise: Eat and we ate outside. 

How are you and your Gma the same?
Carter: We're skinny. 
Elise: We're in the same time, we're alive at the same time.

How are you and your Gma different?
Carter: I don't have grey hair. 
Elise: Because I have really curly hair and she doesn't.

How do you know your Gma loves you?
Carter: Because I just know. 
Elise: Because she loves me. I asked her if she loves me and she said, "Yes!" She said, "I love you in the morning. Skidamarinky dinky dink."   

What does your Gma like most about your Gpa?
Carter: She likes kissing and hugging him. 
Elise: Gpa is Gma's mom?!? Oh, he's her husband. She likes about him like when he dances.

Where is your Gma's favorite place to go?
Carter: To my house.
Elise: With me, a family night.

How old was your Gma when you were born?
Carter: 1 
Elise: 60, 65!


  1. How adorable! And I still love the picture of Leina and Elise in the chair with Elise asleep with her head back.

  2. So cute. Elise was sound asleep and one hot little bundle! Love these two to pieces. Gma