Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

A game of The Floor is Lava gone wild.
Elise pretending to read in Spanish for Gma.
We were having a hard time getting ready for school on time, I think due to being ready for summer! So we came up with a getting ready checklist and a sticker chart. It worked like a charm!
They were super excited to add their stickers.
Elise painting in my classroom before school.
Elise's awesome outfit she put together before coming out of her room so she could make sure she was ready for school on time!
Elise playing in the dirt with all the boys at recess.

Elise took this picture while we were in car line waiting to pick Carter up.
The difference in how they filled out their morning checklists definitely shows their personalities!
Elise wanted to do kids yoga while I did my yoga.
Carter enjoying a Flamenco Class after school.
Carter with friends at the International Fair at school.
Elise with her friend at her friend's birthday party. 
The outfit Carter picked out to wear to church.
Outdoor painting in the beautiful weather!

This girl was sitting on the bench looking sad. There were 5 benches and only one person sitting. Elise chose to sit right next to this girl and chatted with her until she cheered up.

Elise reading to her babies while wearing athletic shorts and cowboy boots!
Helping set up chairs for Carter's Kindergarten Music Program.
Since we helped set up chairs we got reserved seats for the program!
Our little narrator ready for the program to start.

Oma and Opa came for the performance.
Elise and a friend trying out making shadows with flashlights before school.

Elise coloring while I helped shelve books at Carter's school library.


  1. Elise in the doll's chair was hilarious. And how sweet to sit by the girl to make her feel better. Carter's program was so good, and his huge smile with the bows was a winner.

    1. I thought it was so adorable because she said she sat there because the girl looked sad. Carter's program was amazing!

  2. Elise is a little monkey woman! Climbed straight up that fort!! Gma

    1. I sent this to Konnie, who gave them the set, and she said "It's been painted and got a monkey." :)